Batman and the Outsiders (2019) #1 (SPOILERS)

This was my most anticipated book for the week of 5/8/19 and I just finished it. My thoughts?

It was very good! Since the Rebirth volume of Red Hood and the Outlaws, I’ve really come to enjoy Dexter Soy’s pencils and this issue was no exception. I especially enjoyed his rendition of Batman on page 22.

Saint John was a unique villain, and the Outsiders take down of him was exciting and drawn well. Has he appeared in anything else (he looks familiar)?

Kaliber looks to be an interesting character and I’m intrigued if he’s truly going to save Sophia Ramos or if it’s a ploy.

Equally intriguing is Ms. Ramos and what comes of her story as a potential savior of the future (so claims Kaliber). I can see her joining the Outsiders as she gets her powers under control and learns just who she is and how important to the fate of humanity she is.

A fun and entertaining issue and start to the latest adventures of the Outsiders. What are your thoughts?

SN: How do you pronounce Ra’s Al Ghul? This issue uses “Roz” (its literally in the book) but I pronounce it “Raysh” ala BTAS and Denny O’Neil.


I pronounce it Roz like they do in this book. Digging the first issue, excited to see where it goes.

Anyone know what i can read to learn about this “karma” guy duke was freaking out about?

Picking it up soon.

So far been really liking Justice League, The Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and The Batman Who Laughs.

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I’m a Raysh guy too lol. This is such a fun team to read. I haven’t read a lot with BL or Katana. I’ve always been intrigued by Signal. Issue #1 was fantastic. Glad I gave it a shot woot! The art was so complementary too!

It was fine. I’m not convinced yet. I do like the inclusion of Spoiler though.

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Vroom, I’m with you. Thought this was a very promising start for one of my favorite teams. Art was great, provided interesting visual that did well to convey power and movement. I like that BL wants Katana to step forward in a leadership role with him, not something you normally see with her. I expect the team will grow, and I hope we at least get a pop in from others on the original team.

Im glad a few others have enjoyed the ish so far.

My favorite volume of Batman and the Outsiders is the series that began in 2007, penned by Chuck Dixon. That one hooked me immediately just like this series has.

I started off saying “roz” when I was younger, but now say “raysh.”

I have never seen Saint John in anything else, but to me he resembles the Juggernaut, must be the helmet.

I enjoyed the issue, I am intrigued to see where the story heads. @Vroom, I have to agree about Dexter Soy’s pencils. It’s always a joy to see Katana & Black Lightning working together. They are my two favorite OG Outsiders.

Compared to past teams, this iteration of the Outsiders is a lot weaker relatively speaking. Two members do not have powers and I am not sure I fully understand Duke’s powers, despite having read his mini-series. Hopefully, Sophia ends up joining the team or they get some fresh blood in the coming issues.

My favorite volume will always be the original, but the Chuck Dixon run is a close second.

‘u_no_hoo’ …(Check out Detective Comics 982 thru 986 or Detective Comics Volume 8 ‘On the Outside’ TPB to get caught up on ‘Karma’ and how these characters came together)

Was really looking forward to this book as many of you were. And… I liked it.
It was a good solid start. The art is very good and as pointed out the splash page in the middle of the book is a fantastic rendition of Batman! Kudos to Dexter Soy for nailing that!! (Not to be too picky but… Is it just me or should there be a little more contrast between Katana and Orphan (Cassandra Cain)… they look very similar here but they are very different ladies and I believe very different ages??) The story is a good intro to what is obviously a bigger story but as with any issue #1 we will have to wait and see how the series develops… only then will we know how great or good this will or will not be.
P.S. I also have always pronounced Ra’s as ‘Roz’. !!