Batman and the Mad Monk

I can’t seem to find Batman and the Mad Monk, does anyone know if it would be a run in a Batman series? or does DC Universe currently not have this mini series?

It’s not here. For some reason, it has never been digitized.

What a bummer, I read good things about it!

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As an alternative, Matt Wagner’s other mid-00’s Batman opus, Batman and the Monster Men, is on DCU.


It’s not quite an alternative when you’re wanting to read Mad Monk because you just finished Monster Men. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah i want Mad Monk because of Monster Men

Have you read “Prey” from Legends of the Dark Knight yet? Monster Men retroactively acts as a prequel to it (and retcons some details from it in the process).

@AlexanderKnox It’s an alternative when one wants a Matt Wagner written and illustrated Batman mini-series from the mid-00’s that’s available in digital, while the other series they seek isn’t yet available digitally.

So, there, Knox. :crazy_face: :wink:

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Of course, but if one were simply looking for another Batman fix by the same author, an ideal choice would be Matt Wagner’s “Faces” from Legends of the Dark Knight. :wink:

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Thank you, I found a website that five me a Batman reading order from Year One. And I just wanted to read Mad Monk after Monster Men. But it’s all good.

Matt Wagner should be doing a monthly Batman book.

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I agree, Batman and the Monster Men is really well told story, and he has a good grasp on Bruce as a man.