Batman and Talia

I would love to see a Mini-series similar to the Batman/Catwoman run but it’s own story. Where Batman and Talia are together, Talia always goes off about Bruce coming to her side, let’s see her come to his side, bring her in let’s see how it goes. It can be a solo elseworld series. (12 issues) Batman exists Robin exists Damian exists Talia is a member of the Bat-Family. Would be a cool concept.


Can my wife be in it to remind Talia to not get any ideas?


that would be a cool concept.
my only problem is talia… bothers me.


Yea Talia murdered her kid.

Catwoman has been a criminal but she’s never been evil. Talia is evil.


not just that, but that is part of the reason

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Hope your son Damien is doing well. :slightly_smiling_face:
I think Talia is a great Villain.


This would be very cool, but Talia is almost an exact copy of Ra’s. She’s a crazy terrorist that wants the League of Shadows to “restore balance to civilization” by destroying the world!
So I can’t see Batman taking her in. Yes, he took Catwoman in and she is a criminal. However, Selina is not an evil killer. Yes, she steals jewelry, artifacts, secret codes, whatever. But she’s not like Talia or Poison Ivy, in which she sets out to murder innocent people.


I do like what infinite frontier is doing with Talia working to better in herself in her own ways and curve her more radical beliefs to be more moderate.

If Bruce and her have the same goal of bettering the world but only the methodology separate them, than I would think it would work.

She certainly has bigger plans for the world that would imply she wants heroes like Batman running Gotham. Unlike Catwoman who wants him to leave it all behind.

Talia will help others who might further her goal. Afterall she said something similar to Black Lighting in his year one series

That’s how I see this relationship working. Batman and Tali playing the most elaborate chess game in the dc universe.

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There is a comic: Batman/Superman: Authority Special #1

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Catwoman does not want bruce to leave batman behind she says she will stop being a vigilante when bruce stops.

Talia literally destroyed a country within the last year!!! Which caused the shadow war.

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Sounds like the same thing though.

To be fair I did get that idea about Batman and Catwoman primarily on Batman #101

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Catwoman 32current series i think has the second conversation. just look for the cover with batman and Catwoman on it.

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I think this could be done by only one man, Mike W. Barr but it would have to exist in the 1987 Son of the Demon continuity to give Talia a fresher start. I’d read the heck out of that book.

I think that DC needs to recon the current Talia as being a clone or something

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Insanity caused by long term exposure to the Lazarus Pit…possibly even a part of her DNA.

:sweat_smile: there are literally three sequels to Son of the Demon: Bride of the Demon (also written by Barr I don’t actually think he liked Talia and Bruce together. This one was edited by O’neil), , Birth of the Demon(written by O’Neil ), and Brotherhood of the Bat (i forget who wrote that one). It’s all taking place on an alternate earth, and Talia never told Bruce about Tallon.(I did not spell it right.)

she was dipped in the pit shortly after her birth to save her life…how that affected her who knows.

Current canon has Talia Dipped in the pit shortly after she was born to save her life as she was born premature (and to a drug adict ra’s met at a rock concert…which is likely why she was born pre-mature) howev er she was able to hid her wickedness in her fathers long shadow for a long time.

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