:batman: Batman and Robin (Dawn of DC) Discussion Thread (Spoilers) :00_robin:

Dawn of DC rolls ever forward, as Joshua Williamson and Simone Di Meo’s Batman and Robin #1 swoops into comic stores this week.

What are your expectations for this series based on what happened in the first issue?

How does Batman and Robin #1 compare to Williamson’s other Dawn of DC debuts on series such as Superman and Green Arrow?

Share your spoiler-filled thoughts on the first Batman and Robin-branded series in 8 years down below!

“And now for something completely different.”

Which volume of Batman and Robin is your favorite?

  • Volume 1. I loves me some Grant Morrison, Paul Cornell, Peter Tomasi, Judd Winick and David Hine B&R.
  • Volume 2. I loves me some New 52-flavored B&R as Peter Tomasi is a comics god.
  • I like both just fine, but if I were to pick…volume 1.
  • I like both just fine, but if I were to pick…volume 2.
  • I like both volumes equally.
  • I don’t like both equally but…I do love each series in its own way and am a devoted fan of each, so…Bueller?
  • I haven’t read either volume yet, but I am reading the Dawn of DC series, so it gets my vote.
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Thought the first issue was near perfection. Everything looks good, love the father-son dynamic, and the general uplifting vibe for Batman is much-needed right now after the the character was pushed through the ringer recently. It’s back to basics Batman and Robin adventures and I love it.



I was already sold on the series, but that mini-review has me even more excited for it.

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joshua Williamson is doing great with damian honestly if hes gonna continue to be in control of the character i might eventually see him as the definitive one

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I thought the issue was a good enough start, but I was annoyed by 2 things:

  • The art was drawn well enough, but the heavy inks, monochrome coloring and the densely-packed panels made it difficult to tell what was happening at times. Instead of enhancing the storytelling, it hurt the storytelling.
  • The reference to The Gotham War was wholly unnecessary, as it made it sound like this story was occurring at the same time, yet the characterization of Bruce here was completely at odds with the Zdarsky/Howard characterization taking place in the other Bat-books this month.

Overall, I think Williamson did a good job here, but it paled compared to his SUPERMAN and GREEN ARROW launches, and his earlier ROBIN launch. I’m hopeful that things will improve in the coming issues.


the only genuine problem i have with this is the art continuity
they seem to have forgotten that batman has a robot hand