Batman Actor in Titans

So the guy playing Bruce Wayne in Titans is a Canadian actor called Steve Boyle.

Huh. I hope they cast someone definitively and have Bruce actually interact with Dick in future episodes, because the whole “quietly standing in the shadows” thing will get boring real quick.


Yeah, DCEU’s rules are lame, but they don’t want live action TV actors to be confused for playing the same characters as in the movies.

Yet somehow The Flash, Deadshot, Superman and Deathstroke can somehow be on both

Having him hinted at yet not really appearing is as silly as how they treated Superman on Supergirl’s first season.

would be cool if they did a Batman cameo tho!

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I agree - it would be awesome if Batman made an appearance on the show. I really want to see the chemistry between him and Robin. :slight_smile:

Honestly, all they need to do is put a stuntman in a batsuit and dub in Kevin Conroy’s voice. Instant Batman

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