Batman 87 Tynion

Wow, this book is only 2 issues in and already fantastic! How fresh and exciting. What do you all think? Also, has Selina ever looked better? All the art work is top notch.


Haven’t read 87 yet, but I’ve read 86, and I must agree on the “refreshing” sentiment…a seamless and exciting read. I’m loving Tony Daniel’s art…the dynamic action scenes are engrossing and the way he draws Batman is the way I picture him in my head. Looking forward for more :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m really liking it so far. My favorite part about it is that this is the first Batman run that I’m staying up to date with. I loved 86, with the horror of the face melting and artwork of Daniel.

I enjoyed 87 however I noticed that it received mainly mixed reviews on comixology, 3 stars last I looked. I thought it was a good read and fun however there’s a reference to Riddler’s year of the villain book, that I haven’t read, so I was a little lost and upset that I spoiled myself. My only real complaint is that Daniel is only part of the cover and not book art. It’s not bad but I was looking forward to seeing his beautiful work.


Yeah I passed on Year of the Villain as well and didn’t know what that was about. Really liking Tynions take so far and can’t wait to see who is behind all this.


I was a fan of Tony’s art during New 52’s Detective Comics. Glad he’s returned yet again to the cowl.