Batman 2021

Who all has heard about this movie coming in 2021? Robert Pattison (the guy from twilight) will be batman, and the main villain is rumored to be joe maganello as deathstroke. Im excited to see death stroke in that movie


Me too

Are we sure Deathstroke is the villain? Ive heard rumors for Catwoman and Penguin too.

Deathstroke would be really cool to see on the big screen.

Honestly I would like to see the Batfamily or at least a Robin. A Batman and Robin movie done right could really differentiate this movie from the past Batman movies. The family is such a big part of the mythos, they all have good development in the comics too.

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Well, the rumor is that it will feature SIX villains — Penguin and Catwoman among them.

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