Batman 125. Do you think it’s as great as I do? Does it make you nervous it’s this good?

Batman 125 is so good it scares me!:flushed: Jimenez art is :+1: , the writing keeps you extremely engaged and the backup Catwoman story looks to be quite good also (forgive me… but it starts better then Tini Howard’s run right now. Just my opinion)
So kudos to Chip Zdarsky for drawing me in (I was almost ready to give up on Batman… I felt it was really losing steam) But now it scares me. If Chip goes down the road of some of this being in Batman’s mind (like Tom King’s ‘Knightmares’ storyline. Ugh. That was horrible) Of which the early previews hinted at this storyline testing Batman’s mental health, then the Batman monthly may lose me for a good long time. BUT, if Chip can give us the gripping story that it has clearly started out as…. Then I’m on board for a long time!

What thoughts do you, the faithful, have about this??


It was sitting in my unread stack, but saw your thread and gave it a read. I liked it! Jorge Jimenez did some fine, fine artwork in this. The story was a bit reminiscent of The Batman film which, I guess, is where the mythos is headed these days. So… yeah, pretty good.

Though, it’s hard to tell from just one issue. I thought the Williamson and Tynion IV runs were pretty good too, so my standards on Batman these days may not be quite so high…

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I haven’t made up my mind yet. As you mentioned, Jorge Jimenez is a fantastic artist. His work alone is worth the price of admission. Far as the story goes… too early to tell. Seems like over the past few years Batman books have just gotten darker and more depressing. I know, he’s the “Dark” Knight, I know. It’s just… do something different with him instead of constantly breaking him, you know? The way Bendis wrote him in Batman Universe and Justice League was very refreshing, so are his few appearances so far in Tom Taylor’s Superman: Son of Kal-El. I miss the confident, sure of himself, no nonsense Batman.

Having said, the issue does offer a good amount of action & excitement. I also like that it focuses firmly on Batman and the dilemma at hand, as opposed to Tynion’s run which had like 367 other players. Let’s see where this goes. As always, I’m in.

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It was definitely a promising start, I’m looking forward to seeing what Chip does with the book.

Also, to anyone apprehensive about what Chip can do with Batman – read his Daredevil run. It’s seriously one of the best Daredevil runs in years, right up there with Bendis and Miller.

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