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Shiva in a fuzzy robe would be pretty funny, though I am not particularly excited about the potential of her showing up again.

Harper is busy in the Punchline backups, but possibly she could indeed pop up.

I dunno how Shadow of the Bat will affect the main line - Steph and Cass are featured on the cover of the first issue, but I kind of hope it doesn’t touch the title too much - a new title having to tie into something else in the first five issues is pretty rough, unless it can somehow get more attention to the series.


Mother is the name for god on the lips and hearts of all children- Eric Draven the crow.

Well…Shiva of earth 16…kill it with fire!!! The lost Sandra Wu-San from Batman Urban Legends # 3 now looking for redemption. well given she has this reaction to seeing her daughter happy that I would like to see written…officially. however perhaps in a new Bird of Prey series instead of batgirls, but have her drop to spend time with Cassandra.


In general, I thought Steph and Cass had similar vibes to the backup stories leading into this, although potentially more hyper now that they’re out of lockdown. I’m interested in seeing more of these characters interacting. I hope we get a solid foundation with the trio before adding too many new faces.

I was happy to see Babs excited about the scooter reveal; however, this issue did play into the ‘mom/adult’ role more than I liked. She also seemed to dismiss the neighbor a little too readily without any reason to doubt two Batgirl being able to identify a suspicious package/action. My last gripe is how Babs was introduced with the cane. I’m fine with the idea that she occasionally uses one, especially after heightened activity or a long day or whatever. However, I don’t think that concept should have been introduced as part of the ‘mom-ing’ joke, when she catches them returning in a past curfew riff. Basically, she looked granny-ish to me, and it was off putting. I wish the cane were introduced as Babs came downstairs in the morning. This is something that roommates would see, a perspective into Babs’ life that we haven’t had in quite a while and could account for the addition without being tied to a ‘mom’ lecture type of scene. Anyway, I probably spent too much time thinking about this and ranting, lol.


The interviews with Cloonan and Conrad seem to indicate that Babs is feeling more pressure to be responsible for Steph and Cass in the first few issues than she needs to, and she’ll find a better balance later on. Hope we see that!


If it was regularly available, it would have been the Babs Tarr piece. However, I decided on this one:

Cass being in the foreground is what sealed the deal for me.

When I went to the store yesterday and saw it in-person, I squealed with joy on the inside. :nerd_face:

Nope. The Superman books (and a couple other titles, such as Blue and Gold and Batman) are the only thing I consistently read in print (not counting variants, as those are their own thing, obvs), so for so few books, I don’t think the effort in getting a pull box is worth it, right now.

Plus, I bounce between three different stores and enjoy that quite a bit. I don’t want to pledge allegiance to one joint if I still like to support the other two as well.

The guy at the store I’ve been to the most as of late is always asking if I want to set up a box, but I just smile politely, say “Not right now, but thanks for the offer.” and go about my bidness in his joint.

If he offered a discount, then I might be persuaded to open a box, but last I knew, he doesn’t.

Anyway, I’m working right now, but I will read Batgirls #1 as soon as time allows. I flipped through it yesterday on the way home from the store (relax, I wasn’t doing the driving :slightly_smiling_face:) and I really liked what I read.


Awesome, glad you got it! :slight_smile: I have a store with my pull box, and it’s close to my old house but far away from my new one, but they have a pretty good membership program (10% store credit for every dollar spent), and I really, really like talking to the staff. The closer stores I sometimes go to have better back issue selection, and they have a 10% discount for a pull box, but…I’ve never been able to get into a conversation with any of the store people, so it doesn’t feel like “home” to me.

Glad you were not reading while driving your own Bondo (you’ll get it when you read it, or maybe already do from previews :slight_smile: ), and look forward to hearing your thoughts!


Speaking of back issues, the store I went to yesterday has a killer selection of them, with the selection gamut spanning from the Silver Age to the modern era.

They have an especially wonderful selection of Silver Age-era Action Comics and Superman, and for great prices.

I will definitely be picking some stuff up from them when time/funds permit.

I’m smart and pay 100% strict attention to the road when I drive, so no comics (or any other distractions) at the wheel for this guy. :slight_smile:

However, when I’m not at the wheel? I pull the comics out of the store’s bag (one at a time, natch) and let the good reading times roll!

While also keeping an eye on my surroundings for my driver (my dad, in this case) and I’s benefit, of course. :slight_smile:


Very nice! I miss being in Northern Virginia, with MacKay’s Used Books and its long tables full of longboxes…where I picked up 17 issues of Deathstroke in a row…so good…

This is, as the kids say, the way, to not read and drive, hard as the temptation may be to resist. :slight_smile: I don’t get driven around very much anymore, but I definitely am prone to read when I am! I generally don’t stick my head out the window like SOME characters do :wink:


I picked up this issue today, and really enjoyed it. I wasn’t too sure about the art style at first, but it grew on me very quickly and I do like it. It fits the story and the mood a lot. I’m definitely looking forward to the next issue.


I don’t know when I can read the trade, sadly. I’ll have to wait until my local library acquires a copy. I’m currently unable to get single issues of comics, but I can be patient.


Got the digital copy of it and read it as soon as it hit my kindle at midnight (EST), Great love that Steph is still quirky, Cassandra does not say much, and that Babs seems to be their guardian?


Indeed! Glad you enjoyed it! Do the digital copies come with the basic variants still?


They don’t. The variants were 86’d from the digital singles about two years ago, give or take.


That’s nonsense. :frowning: Dislike!

Ah, well, at least you still have the comic, and have read and enjoyed it! That is, after all, the most important thing.

Though I’d be lying if I didn’t say I really love my Josh Middleton cover!


I’m just about to crack my copy open and read it.

I’ve been busy huffing that smell of fresh ink. It’s worth $4.99 alone. :drooling_face:

I was also reading Wonder Girl #6.

#priorities :sunglasses:


Gotta have your priorities! For some of us, it’s Wonder Girl! For some of us, it’s STEPHANIE BROWN! :slight_smile:


In that case, my priority is Kara! :star_struck:


Artgerm gives something for both of us!


And his variant for Wonder Girl #6 was a humdinger as well!

goes to bow before Artgerm’s throne


Just finished #1, and…

So good! :hugs:

“Bondo” will now be in my car-based vocabulary.

What do we think the deal with the grumpy neighbor is? Was that actually a body he was hauling around?

Also: I’d like figures of The Saints, especially Valentine and Tarsus.

Overall, a very fun read, and I’m very eager for the next issue!