Batgirl year one and shoutout to user DC89

I just started reading batgirl year one because of how it showed up on the main screen as user DC89’a picks. I just was bored and was going to skim through it because I like Chuck Dixon’s work and realized Marcos Martin was the artist on the series and I really enjoyed his work on Spider-Man. After skimming through a few pages I started actually enjoying it and realizing how good of a story it was. I just want to give a shout out to user DC89 because I probably wouldn’t have thought to check this series out without the recommendation. I really think the monthly user picks can be a great way for readers to find stories they wouldn’t have thought to read originally.


Calling @SecretSanta89


When it’s your turn for being a DC member of the month, can’t wait to see what books you’d recommend to read. :smiley:


Thank you sooo much @fishin4bass.66054! :smiley: Very glad that you’re enjoying BG Year One. It’s one of my absolute faves OAT. :00_batgirl1: Big shout out to the amazing @Jitsu, @Alec.Holland, and the super fantastic mods crew for putting together the DCUI Member of the Month thread as well! Yay! :hugs:


If I ever get to pick I will try to pick the stories that aren’t the ones everyone knows about, like the ones you see on everyone’s top 10 list. I want to give people new stories they’ve never read before. Honestly I’ve always had a problem of being able to take all the comics I’ve read and been able to put them into a top list.


I made a quick list, maybe not all of my favorites but here’s 12 great stories/events/series I recommend that’s more obscure


  1. Batman legends of the dark knight
  2. 52 (event)
  3. Streets of gotham
  4. Sinestro
  5. Hal Jordan and green lantern corps
  6. Flex Mentallo
  7. Superman triangle years
  8. Supersons
  9. Batgirl Brian q Miller
  10. Seven soliders of victory
  11. Justice league new 52
  12. Brightest day (entire event)

I also wanted to add “green lantern edge of oblivion” by Tom Taylor. Maybe not the best series but since Guy Gardner is my favorite dc character it has a scene in issue 4 I think that’s one of the best Guy Gardner scenes.

I also was thinking of adding justice league international, since I’m such a big Guy Gardner fan. And no mans land which is my favorite Batman event.


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Batgirl: Year One and @SecretSanta89 are the coolest of The Cool™!

One is the best Barbara Gordon origin story ever and is a major highlight among Year One-branded tales.

The other is the smile-emitting, chuckle-inducing, awesome of awesome that makes one the happy and glad to be a part of the wonderful that is the DCUI community.

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Rock on, Batgirl: Year One and DC89!

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This is one of my favorite stories

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I concur.

It is my pick for the best Batgirl/ Barbara Gordon story of them all.


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