Bat-Family/Super-family: Could Superman and Batman Ever Be Related in Any Multiverse?

Just wondering I am not sure if anyone has stated this before or if I missed a comic book with this but after watching the 2018 Justice League movie for the 6th time I wondered to myself in the multiverse could there be an earth where Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent be semi related?
Could there be a chance that Martha Wayne is also Martha Kent who was presumed dead yet in a plot twist had been in a coma and taken out of Gotham City Medical Center to Smallville Memorial Hospital and when she woke up the only thing she could remember was her first name. Then started a new life where she meet, fell in love and married Jonathan Kent…….


There are an INFINITE number of universes-- I’m sure they are in one of them. Now that you mention it, that would bring an interesting dynamic to their already somewhat brotherly connection (depending on the continuity we’re in).

To answer your question though, my quick Google search came up with this:'s_Finest_Vol_1_172


DC Comics April Fools Joke 2013: