Bat-Family Showdown

Thank You to everyone who gave a like and suggests to this topic. I will be setting up the tournament under the Polls and Quizzes section this Friday. Polls will be closed on thursday at midnight. A bracket will be posted with the winners and new polls set up on Saturday because I work Friday’s :innocent:
The top four winners will be put into the finale tournament with other top four family showdowns in the future. The others will be House of El/Zod showdown because they are related Right…?, Green Lantern Family might just be ones from earth let me if that works. Then Flash Family Showdown. At least the is my goal. Thanks for help from @Angel.Azrael for creating brackets and @HubCityQuestion for list of members and everyone for comments, and interest So Join in on the fun on July 10th under (GD Pols and Quizzes)