Basketful of Heads is Scary, Suspenseful and Sharp as an Axe

If you’re a fan of exploitation films, tough final girls and retro, pulpy horror full of twists, give Basketful of Heads a go.

Basketful of Heads is a fun, gritty little read for anyone who wants a throwback horror story with a clever lead who transcends her archetype. It’s also a good one for fans of Joe Hill and his dad, horror legend Stephen King, thanks to a few Easter eggs in the text. The prison the cons escape? Why it’s Shawshank, located in Derry County, Maine. You can read the full article here!

Are you a fan of the classic horror genre? Are you excited to read this spooky story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! :point_down:

10 Likes editor Tim Beedle here. Call this one personal curiosity, but I’m wondering how many people here have read Basketful of Heads and the other Hill House titles. I think they’re all really solid works of horror, and Basketful of Heads in particular feels like a savvy summer slasher flick brought to life by a brilliant creative team. (I’m REALLY hoping we get to work with Joe Hill again…that was fun!)

Anyhow, if you’ve read them, let me know what you think. And check out Juliet Bennett Rylah’s thoughts on the first volume if you get a chance (they’re spoiler-free!). She’s our resident horror specialist and will be writing about some of the other Hill House titles in the weeks ahead.


Dug BOH a lot, and I’m not even a big horror fan. Really strong stuff, great art.

Currently reading Low Low Woods and digging that too, although it’s a very different type of story.

Daphne Byrne didn’t do much for me, but I only read the first issue.

Dollhouse Family and Plunge are on my list when I am done with LLW.


Plunge really creeped me out at times (in a really good way). I think it may even be a bit better than Basketful of Heads, though I enjoyed them both. One of the things that’s great about the Hill House books is that each one represents a different type of horror. Chances are they’re not all going to appeal to everyone, but most people with an interest in horror, sci-fi or suspense will likely find at least one they like.


I too am reading the Low Low Woods. Impressive work from a strong, passionate writer.


@Beedlejuice editor Tim Beedle here. Call this one personal curiosity, but I’m wondering how many people here have read Basketful of Heads and the other Hill House titles.

Just PLUNGE for me.

An exploration vessel that went missing 40 years ago returns, with the crew appearing unaged but missing their eyes. What happened to the crew of the Derleth, and will their rescuers be next?

That’s more my speed in terms of interests when it comes to horror.


I LOVED all the Hill House books, and Basketful of Heads was no exception! Such a moody, exciting, dramatic comic. I’ve recommended it to several friends :slight_smile:


We talked about basketful of heads at @HouseofHorror club :house_of_horror:[House of Horror 13)(House of Horror 13 - A Frightening Valentine (2/4-2/16))

We also went over Plunge as well in a different topic.

Joe Hill comics are some of the best Horror comics I have read in recent history.



@LaserPuff has mentioned, we are slowly working our way through all of the Hill House comics in @HouseofHorror. I genuinely wish there were more comics from this imprint as I don’t want to burn through them too quickly. I do have a feeling we will be reading another Hill House comic in June.

I am, I have been picking House of Mystery single issues whenever I can and also have the DC Showcase Presents House of Mystery vol. 1 and 2. I do wish Secrets of Sinister House was on DCUI for me to devour along with my other normal horror reads.


Juliet’s written a similar article on Low Low Woods as well. Clearly I need to get that one up soon!

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I loved Plunge. It’s one of the few comics I’ve read that genuinely creeped me out. The notion of something existing that people will kill or mutilate anyone–even people they love–to obtain is terrifying.

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I read basketfull of heads a lot, low, low woods, dollhouse family, and daphne byrne
I think basketfull of heads and low low woods were the ones I liked the most. I havn’t read plunge but plan on it. I enjoyed especially how they all sort of felt in differentish genres/types of horror.


It’ll take some time to make its way to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, but you should definitely tackle James Tynion’s “The Nice House on the Lake” when it arrives (DC Announces 'The Nice House On The Lake' by James Tynion IV and Álvaro Martínez Bueno | DC). It’s some unnerving stuff.

DC definitely isn’t done with horror. Not by a longshot!

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When that was announced I added it to my pull list at the comic shop that week. I am really hoping The Nice House On The Lake is as good as his Something Is Killing The Children from Boom Studios.

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Horror is my jam. One of my biggest fandoms. Love when DC does horror. I haven’t read all of the Hill House books, but I’m looking forward to adding the box set to my bookshelf when it’s released later this year.

Would love to see more Black Label books from Joe Hill and Carmen Maria Machado. They’re superstars.