Bane on Harley Quinn Animated Series

I’m really enjoying Harley Quinn. The voice actor for Bane pays homage to Tom Hardy, and it cracks me up. We’re lucky they didn’t use the character that we saw inBatman and Robin. A single word dialogue just doesn’t work unless it’s Hodor.


I LOVE this bane! That Tom Hardy voice just pontificating and scene chewing over REALLY mundane and everyday things just killed me!

The Cobblepot Bar Mitzvah was epic.


I wanna see a scene that is something like this.

Bane just had to fork over twenty bucks to park at Wayne towers.

Bane: The corrupt proletariat rakes the common man over the coals, bleeding him dry, dollar by dollar for the right to simply exist. TWENTY DOLLARS FOR PARKING *Shakes fist

Two-face: eh, what are ya gonna do?

Bane: I will BREAK gothams first born, son! The scion of this city’s elite will snap like brittle reeds upon my knee!

Scarecrow: Oh my god just keep the reciept! The Legion of doom reimburses for that stuff!

Bane: NOT the point! *shakes fist again.

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