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So I’ve noticed that another Flash movie is going to be coming out however something that I have noticed is there’s been no mention nor really anyone else’s knowledge of the original the Flash movie made many years ago nor is the movie even accessible on the app I would suggest hunting down the movie and letting people watch it so that they can get a concept of how the original movie was and maybe perhaps even pulled the director of that movie in on the new one

There hasn’t been a solo Flash live action film, unless the 90’s show did a tv movie. You may be talking about about 1997 justice league of america tv movie.

Any director involved from that stuff shouldn’t be directing this major film

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Maybe your thinking of Flash Gordon?

The new Flash movie , a spin off film to the Justice League. Hes gonna be played by Ezra Miller, who plays him in the other DCU films

I jumped on to see if I missed some news but I think the Flash Gordon post is probably the best answer to what u were thinking of.