ASK...THE QUESTION: How Many Aliens Are Currently on Earth-Prime?

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TurtleMan asks:

How did Wonder Woman get her name?

Originally, creator William Moulton Marston wanted to call his heroine “Suprema, the Wonder Woman”—in much the same way that her male counterpart was addressed as “Superman, Champion of the Oppressed.” By shuffling around some letters and dropping the “n”, Marston envisioned his Amazon Princess as women’s answer to Superman while keeping her apart from him. Ultimately, however, it was Marston’s editor, Sheldon Mayer, who made the decision to drop the “Suprema” and call her by her alliterative title alone.

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I agree with the editors. Wonder Woman is way better than Suprema.


As soon as I saw that alien species list, this immediately popped into my head:

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