Artist x DC Character prompt

Been a long time since I did a real thread and an even longer time since doing one of these fun prompts out of pure boredom, so here we go!

You are an editor for an upcoming ongoing DC book starring a character of your choosing. Your first order of business is selecting an artist to redesign this character’s costume. Which artist would you choose for the job and why?

Details about what the costume may look like can be included.



Would love to see Babs Tarr take on the Outlaws. It’s been getting very meta/modern lately, and I think she could make the teams lighthearted scenes look pretty awesome.

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Paul Pope on Teen Titans. Just read Battling Boy, you’ll see it.

Jim Lee on Wonder Woman.

He’s redesigned her costume twice (three times if you count her promotional New 52 look) so that’s already done.

Pair him with a solid writer on a solid story and he can at long last conclude his work on solo Trinity stories.

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Neal Adams x Harley Quinn. He had the ability to draw graceful movement. A still character looking like it’s moving. Also, he had a great style for anatomy, very classical/renaissance body forms. I would love to see what his style could do for HQ.

I had the same thought as DeSade-acolyte, but with Cassandra Cain instead of Harley Quinn. Cass is a character who needs to be paired with a really good artist, especially one who’s good at drawing movement and bodies like Adams.

Though matching the more stylized art of her original series might require somebody like Bruce Timm. Maybe not him specifically, but he can draw that sort of “cartoony” look without it looking like a complete mess, which is surprisingly rare.

Not sure how the costume redesign would work out with either of them, though. Timm’s designs tend to be very simplified, which sometimes works (like with Two-Face’s black-and-white color scheme instead of the really ugly brown-and-purple classic one) and sometimes creates a problem (like with Nightwing’s awful animated outfit that’s literally just a black body suit with a logo and a generic domino mask). I think Adams might be better for that aspect.

Vroom, Jim Lee during redesign process “More lines I tell you, more lines. No costume is complete without oodles of unnecessary lines”


Here are a few that I’ve been thinking of for a while:

-Grant Morrison on Legion of Superheroes. They’ve got the same kind of weird history that he seems to love. Then maybe Phil Jimenez on art? He’s shown an aptitude for drawing large quantities of characters.

-Jason Aaron on Wonder Woman. I know he’s over at Marvel right now, but look at all he did for Thor. Then I figure Jim Lee could handle the art, like Vroom said, although I imagine eventually he would get sick of redesigning Wondie’s costume.

-I like the idea of the Allreds on Flash. I can’t put my finger on the reason, but I guess it’s because of the fifties/sixties aesthetic they’ve got.

-Matt Fraction on Blue Beetle (preferably Ted Kord, but I guess any version could work). I haven’t figured out the art yet. Maybe Lee Weeks?


Andrea Sorrentino on Phantom Stranger

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A gentle reminder: the prompt is choosing an artist to redesign a character (or team of characters) and their costume(s).

Oh, it’s specifically for redesigns, not just art duties in general? I’ll have to rethink my ideas, then. I might stick to my guns though.

I mentioned this in another thread, but Evan “Doc” Shaner working his magic on Superman.

I’d put Ian Bertram on The Spectre. He’s an artist waiting to blow up, and The Spectre is a woefully underused property that’s still recognized and popular with fans. Try to keep it a little more cosmic, JL Dark over the more noir/gothic stories you get sometimes, although Bertram can do both. I’d like to see more of his psychedelic pages and layouts. He’s also most likely design a really practical costume with less, uh, pale skin showing. Would rather not have too much fading into shadow stuff and rather have defined, clear lines. It would be a very ‘Ditko Dr Strange’ title.

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@msgtv Lines make the world go round, so the more lines the merrier. Wundebar!