Arsenal's Hat: What Do We Think?

I 'member in 2011 when the New 52 wave 1 solicits came out that there was a teeny uproar over Arsenal wearing a baseball cap on the cover of Red Hood and the Outlaws #1.

My question is: why the hubbub ? It fits the character and was a fun addition to his look.

Do you like Arsenal’s hat and if so, would you buy a real one if it existed (DCU Shop exclusive; hint, hint)?


Not a fan of the hat, personally.

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Okay. Why not?

It just makes him look kind of fratty, to me. That’s not how I think of Roy.


I can understand that as I’m not into the frat thing myself.

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I think they were going for street-- and realized the traditional yellow wasn’t gettin’ that done.

I hate Arsenal, but I respect that he’s still holding on so tightly to the '90s, no matter how many times people on the street make fun of him. Hat. Facial hair. Name. He’s like a sad orphan who pretends Rob Liefeld is his dad.


I’m fine with the rebirth hat, but didn’t like the new52 hat. It looked out of place to me. The design was trying too hard to be something or look like something, but was failing because I couldn’t really tell what it was supposed to convey. Super sports fan? Small-town boy? On the road, trucking it?

To me, Roy’s always been kind of a 90s frat-boy at heart, so it made perfect sense to me.

giggles prodigiously at biff_pow’s post

Hate the hat. He should have a hood or nothing at all.

To me, the way the cover’s structured makes it look like he has a really long ponytail through the back of his hat and i just can’t take him seriously now.

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So dumb looking.

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As someone with lots of baseball hats, none of which I wear backwards, they are functional and make sense. No sun or rain in Roy’s eyes (if he wears it properly)

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I don’t know. The hat’s kinda dumb, but at the same time I don’t give one about Arsenal, so I really don’t care.

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