I am re-watching the Arrowverse in its entirety and am 131 episodes in. I love that the Arrowverse exists and will always exists. It’s truly like comic books came to life with the weekly stories that are self-contained but also part of larger narratives, the crossovers, the deep roster of characters and the Easter Eggs for us DC fans to geek out over.

I think I’m going to try and get all of this on DVD/Blu-Ray so I’ll always have it no matter what happens in the streaming future but for now I’m thankful Netflix has so much of it and I love re-visiting these shows and these characters.


I just rewatch Stargirl over and over and over…


I could do that with Supergirl, The Flash and Constantine.


I’ve been cycling through different Arrowverse shows on my lunch break for the last few months. Just finished the first season of Black Lighting and now I’m watching season 6 of Arrow. Before Black Lightning it was Legends of Tomorrow season 2 and before that Supergirl season 1.

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The Arrowverse, despite the bashing from people and stuff still to this day was the first ever successful connective live-action DC universe, something the movies never were able to succeed. I mean it for sure had its major ups and downs but in the end it was something unforeseen from DC.