ARROW SEASON 7 so far what do you think

ARROW season 7 for me is one of my favorites I really enjoy the flashforward so far I think it’s more interesting then the current timeline Mia smoke not sure how I feel about her but I like this new generation of heros with Connor and Mia kinda together so could the show work in flashforwards I think it’s what set it apart the future starcity is the most interesting for me so far

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This season is horrible, boring and of course now there is a female green arrow, future arrows son is gay, I’m sure next the daughter will be gay. alsoThe show is getting as bad as supper girl a lot of useless conversation that goes no where. Flash is just as bad this year.

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Idk but I have been enjoying arrow but I can agree with you on the other side of flash and I don’t watch supergirl

It doesn’t bother me to see gay characters on arrow in fact I think the flash is the only show without a gay character

I love season 7 so far!! Beth Schwartz taking was the best thing to happen to the show since Slade Wilson. The prison story line was great and I’m glad it lasted for half the season. The last several episodes have been fantastic especially episode 150.

That being said, I’ve wavered back and forth on the future story line but I enjoyed seeing the characters come together in this week’s episode. As far as the present story lines, we are in a lull as far as the direction towards the end of the season. This is usually the point though that things will start building toward the end and they do 9 more episodes to go (I think). I just want to know a few things: 1) who is the big bad (is it Dante?) 2) how did Emiko learn to fight 3) are we gonna see the longbow hunters again? As long as these questions are answered by the end of this season, this could possibly end up being my favorite season (though I’ll always be a sucker for seasons 2&5)


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On Flash, Captain Singh, Nora West-Allen, & Harley Rathaway (Pied Piper) are gay

@davidbizzarr1000: Captain Singh is gay

I loved the first part of season 7 but once he got out of prison the show really seemed to slow down :pensive:

He is he’s hardly ever on flash and I don’t remember Nora saying she was gay but OK

I loved Oliver in prison stuff was great and the Argus doing there own version of Suicide Squad again

I think they need to do a better job of telling us we are in the future because some points I’m like WTF is happening on we must be in the future

At first I was like I don’t know about this future stuff but what you guys think of the big reveal I hate olicity but we seem to be stuck with it I give Beth credit unlike the last person in charge it’s not shoved down our throats

It’s strange that team arrow is working for the cops it would of made more sense to me if Oliver was forced to work for Argus not just star city pd

I think the prison arc overstayed its welcome, but I have had a blast since he got out.

Loved the prison story, hate everything about felicity. Too bad the writers don’t know the comics more.

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Felicity is a character that I went from loving in seasons 1 and 2, got annoyed with in season 3, hated in season 4, but have pretty much enjoyed again since season 5, especially this season. She just had a couple of seasons of bad writing but she’s not a bad character at all.

As far as Olicity goes, I’ll be honest to say that I was never the biggest fan of the ship, but the show screwed up the Oliver/Laurel (GA/BC) relationship from the comics so I’m okay with Olicity.

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I loved the prison stuff.

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But they can as much as I hate it because there not in the normal DC timeline let’s not forget Barry broke time so there arrowverse is not the true story remember Diggle had a daughter now he has a son so this timeline is a elsworld like timeline