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Diggle gets the ring


I’ve been wondering how they’ll get rid of Felicity, but Ollie leaving her for John is pretty good


Biff nails it, I had that 2 second delay while I thought “but they already showed us Felicity…”


@msgtv I was thinking the same thing!


I’ve been saying for a long time that in the last episode we’ll find out John’s middle name is Stewart.


@HubCityQuestion or they could do a Chris Nolan and you find out Diggles middle name is Green Lantern


Oliver: dies

John: John Diggle
Person: nothing here
John: try my legal name
Person: You should use your full name. I like that name. Green Lantern.

Audience: gasps

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Lol @RagdollRebel

@hubcity, we already found out that Diggle’s step Dad has the surname “Stuart” . He found out his real Dad was not a good person, so it’s more than likely that he will change his second name to his stepdad’s name, so he would be called John Stuart. That’s obviously why they had his that be his stepdads name so they could tease people and t was possible to change it if they were ever going to.

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Aha! I’m a little behind.

I’m thinking it will be John from another earth. But post Crisis he’ll remain as the green lantern/John Diggle.

I hope so!

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I do know he gets a new uniform that is mostly black and green so it could happen.

One Arrow ends, where should Diggle the Lantern move to? Legends?

Legends is kind of the catch all, so I wouldn’t be surprised. All though there could easily be a place for him on Supergirl.