Arrow: Is it proceeding too slowly this season?

Does anyone else feel like this season of Arrow is moving too slowly? Other seasons, each episode would be driving the show forward. This season, it seems like we are a couple of months in with nothing changed. He is still in jail. Felicity is trying to get him out. The police reluctantly works with Team Arrow. Diaz had a grand plan but not much said about it. I don’t know, I felt the same way after so many seasons of a fellow CW show, Supernatural when they spent half a season and they were at same point as start. I am sticking with Arrow especially with Elseworlds crossover coming up but it may have ran out of steam.

I love how the season is going so far. It’s shaping up to be the best season since season 2 with Deathstroke. Oliver is still doing his part to find info on Diaz in prison along with stopping the darker things that goes on in there.

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@Batman1993.75778 I am still interested to see where it is going. It just seems the pace is a little slower this season to get there.
The season where Deathstroke was introduced was great. The actor was great and I was sad to see him go when Movie DC wanted him back

I like this season so far, but something does seem off. I think they’re just trying to do too much. They have the current story which is focused on Felicity. They have the prison story that they touch on occasionally. Then they have the future story. On top of all of that they have a large number of characters. The only character besides Oliver that has really gotten a good story is Black Siren and she is hardly even in the episodes. Diggle and Curtis don’t really have a place on the show since they’re with ARGUS. Dinah Drake really doesn’t have much to do in the present day story. Wild Dog is working with the new Green Arrow, but that’s not really going anywhere right now.

I think if they just focused more on Oliver in prison and less on Felicity turning to a dark side, the show would feel like more is happening. We also have the villains that are pretty interesting, but we only get them every other episode and they don’t have much to do.

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Every episode I think to myself: is he gonna get out of jail now? I miss seeing him suit up and fight crime on the streets. It’s hard for me to see him in jail after all the times he saved the city.

pace is fine for me, really curious who is in the Green Arrow suit … could Huntress be back, is it Elseworlds shenanigans with Barry Allen …

am glad Laurel finally has an arc and a reason to be on the show, and honestly I have stood by Felicity for seven seasons but this week she went too far, might as well pulled the trigger on Anatoly herself

My guess is that it is the future grownup William as Green Arrow. He went back in time to try to prevent something, maybe Felicity breaking bad.

Oh well guess I was wrong. Guessed it would have been cool to introduce time travel to this show

Green arrow suit is his son right? In a Elseworlds type, the same dimension but from the future way.

Its Emiko I guess we will finally get some of her back story when the show comes back in January. I am curious to who they are going to say her mother is since she is too old for Shado to be her mom like she is in current comics continuity.

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same, it can’t be Shado

I’m going through old seasons for clues who her mom is … Robert Queen was repeatedly unfaithful to Moira

my first thought was China White, then Isabel, who took control of QC and had an affair as an intern with Robert, but that would make the mystery archer only 15

forgot how good Deathstroke is as a villain

He’s been out of Jail for going on 3 episodes.

First half of arrow for me always feels slow ( maybe it’s just cause he’s next to the flash hahahahhahah). But seriously I feel like they always do a slow build then there’s the crossover then bam!!!

I too felt that Arrow always had a slow build for one reason or another. I’m used to slow building shows, so I don’t mind it too much. Arrow at least progresses with its character arcs. I really enjoyed Ollie’s jail arc, the new Green Arrow mystery, and the flashforwards are intriguing (wonder if we will now get hints of Oliver’s deal with the Monitor in the Elseworlds crossover). My only complaint this season has been the character of Diaz. Granted not every season can have a stellar villain, but man he has outlived his welcome to me.

@summers I’m with you on Diaz.