Arrow, Gotham, Flash, Supergirl

Will these ever become available on the DC app?
These are the main reasons why I joined!

They’re currently on other streaming services as per prior licensing agreements made before this service was created.

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They were also never advertised to be on the service. Would it be nice if they were? Absolutely, but until their deal with Netflix is over, it’ll be a while before they’re here. But hey, never say never, right?

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My guess is they will be going to HBO Max. I am pretty sure they will not be hitting this service anytime in the near future.

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I don’t think any of those are going to HBO Max. From what I read Netfkix has rights to those shows for the life of the show plus an additional number of years. So aside from Batwoman none of the CW shows are going anywhere.

@DanTheManOne1 is correct.

Damn, I didn’t know the Netflix contract extended that far.

Bet a lot of executives are kicking themselves over those pre-“streaming wars” exclusive contracts.

@dantheman I thought it was until 2022?

@Nathan.Payson I heard it applied to as long as the individual series are on plus some years after. Maybe I am wrong, that is just what I remembered reading. Although even if it is 2022 still won’t be on HBO Max or here any time soon.

I wonder if the exclusivity clause for anything past one year, expires in 2022?

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