Armageddon 2001 connected titles not supported?

First off, just want to say that Armageddon 2001 is an underrated read. The title is corny, the art and character designs are dated, but the story is just as compelling as Kingdom Come and other classic alternate future stories. It’s been a long time since this was released, and as I go through the story, it’s all coming back to me. But as I finished #1 I was frustrated to not find a link for the next story in the series which is Superman Annual #3. I could not find it through searching either so I guess it’s just not available? DC… any chance we could get the great stories as he explores each hero and what makes them tick? I’m a little surprised we get a crossover event without the crossovers available to read.


I just went in through the main browse page, and Annuals #3 and #4 are missing. I’d need to check on Comixology to make sure, but I’m guessing they were never digitized (at least not as single issues), which means DCU can’t do much to solve that problem until whoever’s responsible for digitizing stuff gets around to that.


Yeah, they still need digitizing.


Glad I did a search. I was about to create the same thread. I’ve read about Armageddon2001, and actually read the and own the Flash Annual. I liked it a lot and was hoping to read the rest of the series. A little sad by it not being here on the events page.

Very underrated event. Honestly had the Capt. Atom reveal not been leaked I think it wouldve been received much better.