Arkham Knight

What your favorite part of the Arkham Knight game and yes u can just say all of it haha.

The ambience. They really did a great job of building a Gotham City that’s full of little details.


The DLC was a ton of fun. The overall story was just phenomenal everything went well together.

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Batmobile and Duo fighting

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The level of detail is simply amazing. I’ve had the game since it was released and am still finding little things I missed on previous plays. Arkham Knight was the first of the Arkham games I played and the gameplay and graphics are so good that it was hard to go back and play the previous games at first. That said, it’s not without it’s flaws. I do think the batmobile was an awesome addition, but a bit overused. Also there was a real lack of boss battles. Your showdown with Deathstroke is a tank battle? Come on! My perfect game would probably be to take elements from Arkham Origins and meld them with the graphics and playability of Arkham Knight.

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