Arkham Batmobiles Poll!

Which is better

  • Arkham asylum Batmobile
  • Arkham knight “Tank Mobile”

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While I appreciate the classic look of Asylum’s Batmobile, Knight’s Batmobile sticks out a lot more not only for how different it is, but for how many of those changes completely pay off in the game. I love how it’s a complete powerhouse of a vehicle that still has a certain level of sleekness to it, and there’s just no beating the experience of finally getting to drive it around Gotham. Even though a lot of people complained about the tank combat, I actually had a lot of fun w/ those battles. The only thing I didn’t like were the timed races, though that’s pretty much the case in any video game for me. All in all, I thought Rocksteady really knocked it out of the park w/ Knight


Who doesn’t love the tank. My favorite behind the scenes moment is when Ben Affleck lets people ride in the JL batmobile with him. The tank has always been my go to. But I do love the simplicity of the armored car.

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the asylumobile is in my top 5 batmobiles!

i love its wonky anime proportions, and if you imagine it without the fins it has a kind of elegant shape of a car from the 1940s


I think for me I like them both. The Asylum Batmobile because Batman Arkham Asylum was the first non sports game I played growing up. Growing up a big Batman fan from the BTAS to the movies. The games all three have a special place in my heart. The Arkham Knight mobile is fun to drive and I always wanted to drive the bat mobile and I can in Arkham Knight.

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I love them both, but the Asylum version feels more “classic” Batmobile to me.


Big fan of both. Especially excited that Hot Wheels has both out right now. The asylum version is a TH and the Knight tank is a HotWheels id so you can race it in the app.


Totally agree it reminds me of BTAS

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