Are You On A Batmam Beyond HD Binge?

I am. You could say I’m Spellbound to its shiny schwayness.

How 'bout you?


Full Disclosure: I don’t know who the hell “Batmam” is, but I clearly meant Batman :slight_smile:


Not a binge. Not yet at least.

My dive back into BB is going to be a methodical, well-paced viewing where I can swirl the episodes around in my brainpan for hours afterwards, as though I’m enjoying the tannins of a fine wine.

We’ll see how long that lasts … I am given to fits of impatient temptation.

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@Super-Squirrel Speaking of wine, is there one you’d pair with Batman Beyond?

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I’d suggest a Cote de Rhône, aged at least 7, but preferably 10 years.

Of course Billcart-Salmon Rose Brut champagne goes with virtually anything.

It is the Shwayest.

Hmm, I’ll defer to DeSade on this one.

Personally, I’m more of a rum guy, so I’d say Bacardi since it has a bat on the bottle. :bat:

I actually watched it again a few months ago and with the new HD season I’m totally giving it another rewatch!

I didn’t realize until this moment that Batwoman should have been named Batma’am.

Anyway, I’m watching it right now.

I’m glad I inquired about wine pairings, and thanks to those who made suggestions.

I don’t drink that often, but I’m a Mike’s Hard Lemonade kind of fella when I do want alkeehawl.

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DC needs to bring this show back and make a like action movie of Batman Beyond with Dillan O Brian as Terry and Josh Brolin as Bruce Wayne.

Life is to short to drunk cheap booze.

Also since it’s still summer, a classic G&T, using Boodles. It has just enough bit to offset the tonic. Perfect for watching Gotham by Gaslight.

With YJ ending and having just finished Aquaman 67, BB is next on my binge list.

With the Batman Beyond in HD, I am really enjoying catching up on a few episodes here and there. :slight_smile: I’d almost forgotten how witty Terry could be as Batman.

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I plan on watching it once I’ve finished watching BTAS.

I am. Mine doesn’t really look HD tho. I’m on season 1 so that’s settled. I’ve seen em all multiple times but HD made me rewatch. It definitely looks better than the one that was on here previously., but if I watch a movie in HD or YJ it looks completely different. Either way I’m still gonna watch it. Love the villains. Inque, curar’e , Stalker, Shreik etc some of my favorite villains.

I finished season one yesterday. Can’t wait for season two!

@DeSade As a mostly non-drinker, I’d sooner swig a Pepsi than booze. I appreciate your Gotham by Gaslight pairing. That could be feasible at some point.