Are You Aware of the Other (Other) Captain Marvel?

Nope, I’m not talking about the Captain Marvel that’s about to star in a major motion picture, nor am I referring to any of the iterations of that name from DC’s ‘marvelous’ competition. I’m also not talking about British knockoff Marvelman, the inspiration for one of Alan Moore’s first deconstructions of the superhero genre.

I’m talking about the Captain Marvel from M. F. Enterprises, a comic book character created in 1966 - after the collapse of Fawcett but before Marvel took up the name for a certain Kree warrior.

This Captain Marvel was an android from another planet who could split his body into its component parts by shouting the word ‘Split!’ (No, really, you can’t make this stuff up!) In his secret identity as Robert Winkle, he even had a ward named … (wait for it) … Billy Baxton!

Needless to say, the book (and character) didn’t last long. A Cap-loving friend of mine turned me onto this nugget of yesteryear a few days ago, and I thought the community here might enjoy a glimpse into what might have been.

More info here for the curious:

Captain_Marvel_(M._F._Enterprises) (57.6 KB)


Robert Winkle is that guy…Vanilla Ice is Rob Van Winkle…hmmm. This explains his dance moves in TMNT II: The Secret of the Ooze. He’s a superhero, turned “rapper/actor”, turned TV personality. Well played Mr. Winkle…

Seriously, I had not heard of this. He sure sounds as blatant a rip off of Captain Marvel as Ronald Ruck is of Donald Duck.


Nope, I was not aware of that Captain Marvel. Seems his/its creator had a bad habit of using too many ideas from other comic book characters of the time.


I was aware it had existed, never read any of it though.

Until this post, I had no idea he existed. There are so many Captain Marvels out there! It’s insane!

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My uncle had one issue of this book that I read long before I knew who Billy Batson was and Carol Danvers debut. It wasn’t good, but I read it anyway.

I take offence at the shade directed at Marvelman. While he really didn’t take off until Alan Moore came along was created in 1954 as a ripoff of Fawcett’s Captain Marvel.

You really got me, never did heard of him! :hushed:

No Marvelman shade intended, Wildstorm-Jeff.

The origin of the name/character is actually a fascinating story about the state of British intellectual property rights in the 1950’s. The originals have their own charm, and the Alan Moore version has its own significant place in history.

How interesting! I had no idea.

It was the out of left field appearance, and disappearance, of the M.F.E. character that lead ether Stan Lee or Martin Goodman (nobody remembers which anymore) to decree that Marvel Comics needed to nail down the trademark on the name Captain Marvel ASAP. Thus was born Mar-Vell.

I’m actually old enough to remember reading him.