Are we getting the Complete Rebirth Arc

Are we getting the Complete Rebirth Arc … I am interested in The Flash mostly …

DC is still making $$ off Rebirth as it is the most current material. To expect them to put that on this service for $8/mo. is ridiculous.


How is it ridiculous in the face of multiple competitors doing essentially the same thing and thriving from it?


Rebirth ended just about a year ago.


Multiple competitors?

There is no complete Rebirth arc in a general sense. Each title has a variety of stories.

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@foodini - There’s the obvious MU and comixology unlimited service. There’s also hoopla where you can get rebirth and much more dc content for the cost of a library card. But perhaps the biggest competitor to DC is the internet in general. A quick google search and I could read their entire library for nothing. I have a love and respect for DC and want to see them thrive so I personally won’t go down that route but I’m sure many do. Hopefully DC can use their comics section on DCU to battle piracy the same way Spotify has for music


@whymannywhy: MU doesn’t carry the most recent Marvel comics tho. They may have books that were published six months ago but last week’s books are certainly not on there.

As for what’s on Hoopla it depends on your library system and what they decide to make available on the service. Not everyone with access to Hoopla gets exactly the same content across the board so while some people may habe a variety of comics available on theirs other people may not.

MU has a reasonable delay in their releases. Everything up to the last six months and weekly updates seems pretty reasonable. Hoopla’s monthly limit sucks, but essentially offers a marginally similar experience. Valiant has its own app and has most of its library is free w/ComiXology Unlimited and doesn’t really seem to be suffering much.

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