Are we ever gonna get the New Batman Adventures?

Is there like a petition or something we can get signed to get the new Batman adventures on here? Like I just wanna watch the rest of the DCAU and I can’t because of this being missing. I love this service but they need to take care of this


I’ve read thru a lot of posts today but I’m 99.9% sure they announced Batman, Superman and Aquaman new adventures were among the next to be added.

The New Adventures of Batman is coming in December, but that is different from The New Batman Adventures. The former is a Hanna Barbera production from the 70’s while the latter is a Kids WB show from the 90’s.

The Mod that posted the shows coming in December may mean The New Batman Adventures but they did write “The New Adventures of Batman” and not “The New Batman Adventures”. I’m guessing it’s the older show and the Kids WB show.


The last sentence should read"…and not the Kids WB show."

Gotcha, I was thinking last night after I posted that, that I remembered the new aquaman and Superman were old filmations & I thought they were bringing the new Batman adventures, which are now just included as BTAS last 2 seasons and thought they did the same with Stas,then were bringing the old aquaman filmations in too. Oww my brain hurts lol. But you’re right I just peeked at the announcements real fast and when I saw that question it rang a bell and I thought they were adding the new Batman adventures to BTAS etc.

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