Are There Any Good Comixology Alternatives?

I logged in to comixology for the first time in months and wow - the Amazon merger has pretty much ruined the site. I was starting to purchase digital comics more frequently because my closet is running out of space and now I don’t know what to do. Are there any alternatives that you guys like?


I like Hoopla. It is free and available with most library systems. You don’t own any of the books but you can borrow them for 21 days, at least with my library.

There is also Humble Bundle where you can purchase bundles. The bundles are available for a limited time but right now there are a few comic and manga bundles available including a Terry Moore bundle and an Image Comics bundle.

You can always check out this topic for the most up to date bundles across the internet.


thank you! I check Humble Bundle semi-regularly but it’s a good reminder

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There is also and I think they still have a HUGE Markosia comic bundle.

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