Are the DC universe shows connected?

Are the DC universe tv shows connected at all? This might have been covered on a thread already but I haven’t found one if so.

Not really.

There’s a Doom Patrol in Titans’ world that ‘looks’ like the Doom Patrol we know from their show. But they’re different continuities.

There’s a Superman, a Batman and a Justice League in Doom Patrol but as far as we know they’re versions exclusive to Doom Patrol’s continuity.

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Wasn’t the Doom Patrol in Titans the same as the one in DP? I know Chief was played by a different guy, but weren’t the other members of the DP the same?


I think they clarify it here:

Essentially, the Doom Patrol and Titans are on the same world, but what happens in Titans (including any DP appearances) and what happens on Doom Patrol (including any Titans appearances) are considered separate continuities.

So, the Titans could appear in Doom Patrol, and even look like the Titans from their show, but it wouldn’t have any impact in the continuity on their show.


That’s silly. Not sure why they can’t just be in the same continuity.


I’ve read that article before, and it didn’t sound like clarification. More like over complicating something that should be simple.

To me, Titans and DP are in the same universe. Same for the other DCU originals (with the obvious exceptions of YJ and HQ).


I thought Titans and Doom Patrol were in the same continuity. It seemed like it when I watched but its been a little while since I watched Titans.


I don’t think the people behind Doom Patrol understand what words mean, because what they’re saying is just nonsensical.

Either Doom Patrol and Titans are in the same continuity or they’re not.


I actually think that we’ve been conditioned to expect if characters from one book or show appears in another that they’re in the same continuity.
Even though if we see real life figures in multiple books or shows, we don’t automatically assume they share continuity.

Another thing to think about…
All the various Batman cartoons and movies.
The Batman, Batman: The Animated Series, Brave and the Bold, The New Adventures of Batman, the Batman & Scooby Doo movies…
Batman is still Bruce Wayne, most of the time there’s a Robin of some sort, there’s an Alfred, a Commissioner Gordon, a Joker, a Penguin, a Catwoman and a Riddler. And they may not always look alike.
Same world. But different continuities.

In live-action, actors are rarely re-used unless the intention is for said actor to be playing the exact same version of a character they’ve previously played, and in the handful of instances where such hasn’t been the case and an actor has been in fact been cast to play a ‘new’ version of a character that he or she has previously portrayed, audiences have been made aware of that fact upfront.

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The different animated iterations of Batman are all distinct from one another. There’s no question that most of them are in seperate continuities.

When Brendan Fraser plays Robotman on Titans, and then the exact same character with the same appearance, mannerisms and everything else on Doom Patrol and someone says “No, they’re different.” that’s an understandable “huh?” inducer of a head scratcher.


For what WE mean when we say same continuity/shared universe, YES Titans and Doom Patrol are the same.
For what some of the DP show producers said, that was all technicalities of shooting dates and locations that would complicate having CROSSOVER episodes like the CW shows have. They weren’t using the same terminology the same way we do as fans.
Yes, they are in the same universe. No, there are no current plans for crossover episodes.

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@unnamedarcher The problem isn’t that there are no crossovers, the problem is that the characters behave differently, one of the characters shown in Titans doesn’t even show up, and there are is no reference to Titans.


And not to mention the actor with the deep accent for Niles.
(Maybe that was his Evil Twin Brother, ala Secret Hearts!)

It’s kinda like The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. They are stories going on in different parts of the same universe with limited connections, unless the story requires it. And honestly, the comics are like that too.

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I found out through an online search - and a Reddit thread - that Abril Bowlby, in an interview conducted with KSiteTV/KryptonSite, unequivocally stated that, on the Doom Patrol series itself, her Rita Farr does not know Beast Boy, and that her “Doom Patrol” character is not the same as her “Titans” character.

I also found out, through the same Reddit thread, about two articles where the Doom Patrol creative team more emphatically stressed that the two shows were not set in the same universe despite sharing actors.