Archive Golden Age Books Before Public Domain?

We are only 6 years away from when DC’s golden age books will start to enter the public domain. In 2030, New Fun # 1-6, Big Book of Fun Comics # 1, New Comics # 1-2 and More Fun Comics # 7 all enter the public domain. Will DC digitize these books and sell them digitally before that happens or will they just allow others to start scanning and selling them with no payments going to DC? I would think they would want to make money off of them while they can before they become fair game for everyone.

Then each year, more and more of the golden age of comics will become public domain with Detective Comics # 1-11 entering public domain just 2 years later in 2032.


it would be smart to sell them before they enter public domain
get as much money as you can before it belongs to everyone


To be honest I would just wait, so I dont think its the get rich quick deal you think it is. :thinking:

But I could be wrong :man_shrugging: