Surely we will be getting a bunch of Aquaman related stuff within the next month right?

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Yup, we got stuff for Batman day, Titans, and Halloween, so definitely expect Aquaman stuff. There are still a bunch of Aquaman comics, go check them out!

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The Filmation TV series is on the way. I imagine other comics will pop up along with curated playlists of comics, outside comic appearances, etc.


Umm… Didn’t dilation go under yrs ago?

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@bgrimm, Yes but one of their first series in the mid-late 60’s was Aquaman. It was released on DVD about 11 years ago.

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It was also re-released on DVD last month also.

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There’s a ton of aquaman comics on right now

Read the Aquaman comics that are here, many of them are great!

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I highly suggest Aquaman rebirth. The trades are plentiful and the first two books are like a comic book comparison to the cold war. It really great to see Aquaman keeo the peace and fall from grace. It’s a really great read

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I’ve only seen six Aquaman comics, a couple of episodes of justice league and Batman brave n bold… oh and one movie. A good movie but just one. Most of Aquaman’s best stuff is in the comics, so yeah I really hope to have access to more comics in the future.

Can’t edit comments, but I’ve only read six of the about twenty or so that are here, out of hundreds of comics that exist with amazing art and stories…