Aquaman’s new movie

The Aquaman’s movie is so good everyone needs to go an see it. IT is in movie theaters right now go see it. The cast was great and James Wan did an amazing job.:yellow_heart:


Just saw it and it was amazing. Loved it!!

Insanely Awesome is my vote. Just saw it tonight. Absolutely blown away!

I would like to see it again in IMAX 3-D

Going again tomorrow. Rewatching justice league again rn lol

I’ll be there opening night

dude aquaman was such a great time, I plan on rewatching it again sometime this weekend.

Aquaman was badass. Nuff said.

Saw it twice and love it the 1st time but loved it even more the 2nd. DC going in the right direction dropping solo films 1st and if they continue to drop films like Aquaman we are surely In for a treat. Next up Shazam!!