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I just saw Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now, I will let you know, I am not a movie critic in any sense of the word. I am not overly critical on movies, I don’t dissect movies looking for the negatives. As long as I enjoy it, it’s a good movie to me. I read some of the negative reviews on RT after I got out of the theater, and I believe these people just didn’t want to like it. Which is fine, I am not here to force anyone to like something that they don’t like. There are a couple of things here and there that I may have chaged, but they didn’t take away from my enjoyment. This movie is an original story, so my Aquaman nerd side really couldn’t say “that’s not how it happens”. They definitely took bits and pieces from different stories in Aquaman history. Right off the top of my head I can think of the Black Manta miniseries, Atlantis Chronicles, you make a small case for The Others, and a handful of Silver Age things, Thicker Than Water was in there a little bit, etc. This is not a bad movie, how good it is just depends on your taste. I just don’t see how anyone could see this as a horrible movie, unless they came into it wanting to not like it. My Atlantean heart thoroughly enjoyed this film.

It took me almost 30 years of being an Aquaman fan before I got my first live action solo film. It took another 5 years before I got a sequel. If these are the only movies I ever get, I am more than happy with them. None of them should be considered a stain on the legacy of Aquaman. :00_aquaman: :ocean: :00_aquaman_rebirth:


PS: There was a private screening immediately following the showing that I saw, with a huge crowd of people just waiting for someone to show up. So, it’s quite possible that I may have just missed seeing Jason Mamoa in person.


As someone who LOVES the first movie and thinks it is AWESOME - definitely my favorite film of the DCEU, and I say this as a Batman fan who really loves BvS and several other DCEU films, this film was EXTREMELY satisfying to me. If you loved the first movie, I think you will love the second. It’s pulpy, hilarious, heartwarming fun, injected straight into your veins!


Aw damn! You should’ve stuck around lol

I have been seeing the responses with this movie and i do see where they’re coming from (to a degree). As long as you’re enjoying the movie, then don’t listen to what everyone else says.

For me, the thing that everybody has been saying about the predictability and repetitive tropes, I believe all that because I knew that this movie was going to have the same problem Blue Beetle did. Blue Beetle was a very traditional, predictable kind of movie. It’s “cozy”. You’re not expecting much grandeur or anything shocking, but just enough to enjoy the ride.

We’ve had SO many comic book films and shows in the last decade alone, that a lot of us feel we’ve seen all the tropes and patterns. A lot of superhero films are struggling (especially this year) to keep everybody’s attention because there’s not much to do anymore, if that makes sense. Take Marvel for example: I’m getting really burnt out with the whole “multiverse” plot because they’ve focused on that for too long, and they’re not even halfway through that storyline.

After all that. I’m still very excited to see it. When? I have no freaking idea. But everything that I’ve heard and seen, it looks to be everything I’ve been expecting from this movie. As long as you had fun with it, that’s what matters.


I really liked this one! I can be pretty picky with superhero movies, admittedly. I found two of the DCEU’s films and its one TV show to be offensively bad but I loved the first Aquaman. Lost Kingdom is a fun, lighthearted, continuation of its predecessor.

I had a fun time seeing this, especially as an Aquaman fan. It was certainly bittersweet though. I’m going to miss the DCEU. As unlikely as it seems at this point, I sincerely hope that Jason Momoa continues to play Aquaman in the DCU instead of switching to Lobo.


4.5M previews.


how’s that compare to the other films this year and last?


Bad, but not the awful numbers many people thought.

As a December release these almost always have very inflated leg and smaller openings, so it really is not that important.

Blue Beetle had awful preview numbers at 3.3M in August.

Flash had 9M in Summer.

Black Adam had 7.6M

The first Aquaman had 9M. That number was considered good, but nothing spectacular.


I just hope that the film is enjoyed by lots of people. Feels bad that there’s this whole narrative that “it sucks and it doesn’t matter.” The first film was extremely silly and goofy - and AWESOME, and made a billion dollars. And did it really matter to the ‘wider universe’? I don’t think so. This film is fun!


On Box Office Theory the most common final projection is 110ishM domestically. Bad, but will at least leave The Marvels in the dust.


That makes me so sad. Sigh.

But then I think about the movie, and I’m happy again. At least we got it!


Since this thread is dedicated to the movie, Aquaman got a pretty good song about a month ago that I’ve been enjoying. Hopefully some of you will.


Here’s my thing, I know movie gurus tend to put a lot of weight into it, but I am not a movie guru:

I couldn’t care less how good or bad it performs at the box office.

I understand the importance of it. The better the movie performs, the more likely it is that we get sequels. But, to me, that does not show how good or bad the movie was. This was a great movie. It was fun, it was exciting, it had light hearted moments, it was also very dark as well. I had a great time watching it, never got bored, was very invested in the story.

People didn’t go to see it because they thought it didn’t matter since it is the final DCEU film, and because Amber Heard was in it (I love Amber Heard as Mera ---- Fight Me). But this film is perfectly fine as a standalone, makes no mention of the DCEU. This first film was the same as well, it made one mention of the Justice League movie and never spoke of it again. It had zero to do with the plot.

Aquaman (2018) and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom were two great self contained films. You don’t need to have watched any other film to get the full story. All you need is the two movies, and the Aquaman 2 prequel comic.

As a lifelong Aquaman fan, I was 36 years old before I got my first solo live action film. If these are the only two films I ever get, I am quite satisfied with them. Don’t get me wrong, I hope to God that we get more Aquaman films. But I am more than happy with the ones we got. :00_aquaman:


I just finish watching the new Aquaman movie, and I just love it! Alot of great action pack, I enjoy this movie alot more then the first! The fight scene between Aquaman and Black Manta…Oh my goodness WOW! That was the best fast pace action scene ever!
I love it that we get alot more of Aquaman wearing Orange and green outfit, I give this film 4 stars! Favorite film of the year!:sunglasses:


Just back from an Imax screening. I liked the film. It felt like a comic book movie more than the first to me. I even didn’t hate Amber Heard in the film. I enjoyed some of the quirky elements that were in this one and just found it to be an enjoyable watch. I am not a usual DC movie in theaters person but glad I watched it on Imax. Good action. Good story. Just a pleasant time at the movies which is my benchmark for a film.


I want that cup, and I want it now :00_aquaman:


Well, well said. I have to say, Aquaman was a joke for so long, and I think thanks to these films, he’s not. He’s cool, he’s fun, he’s funny, he has a great supporting cast, and we’ll have these DVDs for a long time to come!

Jealous that your theater had such cool cups and popcorn bowls! :smiley: Very, very cool!

I know, right? :slight_smile:


I just got out of the theater after having seen it. I was blown away! It absolutely exceeded all my expectations. There is a long-standing tendency for sequels to not live up to the original film. I’m happy to say that in this case, that is not the case.


The Aquaman jokes always bothered me. He’s an awesome character with equally awesome comics, supporting cast, lore, and powers. Anyone who mocks Aquaman doesn’t get Aquaman. The DCEU Aquaman movies embrace the lore rather than trying to change it and I love them for it.


I love those :00_aquaman_rebirth:


Lost Kingdom was so nice that in the span of three days (Wednesday to Saturday), I’ll have seen it twice.