App tells me to sign up for premium

I cant download or read any comics i keep getting a message to sign up premium when ive been signed up for it for over 2 years

I’ve had something like that happen before. The system had logged me out. Have you tried logging back in?

The other issue could be that your subscription ran out.

Thanks for reporting! Our team is aware of the issue where some people with Google Play subscriptions are being charged but aren’t gaining access to comics in the library. They are currently working to resolve this issue.

Unfortunately the moderation staff is unable to assist with any billing/membership concerns. We ask that you send in a ticket request here with all the relevant info to your issue. (Make sure to choose “Billing & Membership” from the “What is your question about?” dropdown.)

Additionally, if you’re not using Google Play to pay your subscription but are still experiencing this problem, be sure to include that detail in your request to our support team.

Thank you!

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