anyone want to see an Injustice animated film



That would be really good. If we did I think that’s the closest we would ever get to anything in other media other than the game.

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I rather have it as a tv series then just one movie


A TV series would be great!


Yea a tv series would be a lot better, it’s too long to squeeze into one animated movie.

I’d watch but not really hoping for an adaptation. The games themself serve as movies in their own right. I’m done with evil Supes.


no just break it up into an annual thing like the books

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i love this response looking at this differently now

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Although I am not a huge fan of fighting-genre video games, I bought Injustice when it came out, and watching all of the cut scenes was my favorite part. It made for an excellent reason to keep playing and the comic series is my favorite in modern DC.

Great idea

I’d love to see an injustice movie(s)! There is a lot of material, and the details do make it amazing, so I can see the desire for a tv show, but I do think the movie platform would be best. In the current DC animated movie universe, an injustice movie would be a great elseworlds tie in. They’ve done a great job with the characters and animation, so continuing it with an injustice elseworlds movie (though probably movies- maybe a trilogy?) would fit the brand.

i wouldnt say trilogy it needs to span over roughly 5 to 6 years, one per annual, and then they could remake the video game “movie”