Anyone think that Rotten Tomatoes are biased against DC films

At a minimum they are dc haters.


Personally I feel that a LOT of so-called movie critics are biased against certain types of films across the board not just DC films. I also feel that Rotten Tomatoes is the worst of the lot but that’s just my opinion on that particular site. Generally speaking I don’t like to be told what I should or shouldn’t like based on some score that is, after all, subjective and would rather make that decision myself based on actually viewing the material in question.


I agree. I just think… “let me judge on my own”. Dont give me my opinion. Most times, I have a great experience wayching a movie RT hates, so F them

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I don’t even think it’s Rotten Tomatoes entirely. They’re not the ones posting the reviews. All they’re doing is taking all the reviews others have written and compiling them into a score. They get a lot of crap for this, but I think it’s more the critics that have been spoiled by then years of the MCU than anyone

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That could very well be but just because a movie or show is “certified fresh” by RT that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll think that it’s even good. Nine times out of ten I completely disagree with their rankings so I don’t even bother checking in these days. Same with Comic Book Roundup and other similar sites. For me its a complete waste of time. Your mileage may vary of course.


It’s not RT, but the morons who write the reviews.


I think people are in their pockets for a good score.


Most movie critics got so used to the Marvel formula, they compare every superhero movie to it. If it doesn’t follow the same formula, they find it as flawed. That’s been DCs thing until recent. They were making movies totally different than Marvel. Wonder Woman was the first DC film to roughly use the Marvel format. Wasn’t as serious as the other DC films. Had some light humor. JL was screwed by the Studios decision to change directors 3/4 the way through the process with a director of a totally different style. Personally, if Whedon (or anyone else for that matter) would have worked on the film from beginning to end, JL would have been much more successful. WB has tendencies of sabotaging their DC movies by demanding large changes deep into production. BvS the studio demanded the film to be shorter. Suicide Squad the studio decided they wanted more comedy and Batman after the film was nearly done with principle photography. Wonder Woman they pretty much butted out(and it’s success is proof). Justice League should have been removed from Snyder’s oversight after the subpar reactions of MOS and BVS. Instead the studio let him go immediately into production with JL, and waited to take the reins from him after it was far too late. Now Aquaman and Shazam (both closer in style to Marvel) seem to have been hands off by the Studio. Aquaman has received pretty positive response. And early word on Shazam seems pretty solid. Maybe WB is finally learning. We can only hope.


RT certainly has its problems with bias though thats not really to the fault of RT itself but its reviewers. IGN does seem to have some serious grudge against dc however.


I just tried to get conversations going. Youre on my same page.

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IMO, most people learned most everything they live by in kindergarten. And most adults still live by the herd mentality which is taught in kindergarten. Critics rarely disagree with each other, or the accepted norms of their parent organization (which in turn, rarely disagrees with the other media conglomerates).

So here, we can see media conglomerates moving as a herd, and we see critics moving as a herd, and not surprisingly, we see fans also moving as a herd.

The vast majority of radio stations play the same rotations of the same hit songs, which sell in the billions. The vast majority of TV shows have the same “diverse” set of characters acting out the same plots (yes, even the reality shows are extremely similar).

So, I don’t think it’s surprising at all that the huge majority of people can’t watch a DC movie without comparing it to Marvel. If a new space franchise attempts to start, it’s compared to Star Trek or Star Wars (but lately, Star Trek has become more like Star Wars, so the herd is less confused). Every animated movie is compared to Disney/ Pixar.

If you ignore the New York Bestseller’s list, books can still be surprising and fun. Netflix used to hold surprises; but now, they force-float the same dozen or so shows to the top of the first five categories. It’s extremely hard to avoid their suggestions. Hulu’s starting to follow suit.

Comics can often be fun. Image still has an occasional surprise. DC and Marvel have the herd to feed. And I honestly don’t blame them. The herd makes good money. The challenge for the writers, is to create compelling stories with fresh ideas and still feed the herd. Jennette Kahn did an excellent job of this in the 80’s and 90’s. The herd was happy, but mainstream characters went in wild and interesting directions (Elseworlds, Vertigo, etc.).

Personally, I think Snyder and Nolan (to an extent) did a pretty decent job. And Friege was doing a pretty good job until the parent organization saw the huge dollar signs. They redirected Iron Man into a much larger franchise, and is paid off in grand fashion. But I wonder what interesting Iron Man stories we’ll never see because of it.


I do NOT think we need more federal regulation of critics. Who watches the watchmen?

The FTC and FCC can please stay out of Rotten Tomatoes. I personally don’t frequent RT, and I really don’t read many reviews in general. But they should still be allowed to voice their opinions.

And yes, I totally agree that the vast majority of those opinions are either paid for (usually in indirect Google-Ad clicks) or they’re just part of the herd. But still…

Who are you going to trust? A herd of obviously paid-for critics, or a couple dozen federal goons who are reshuffled with each presidential replacement? Or perhaps, save the taxpayers some money; don’t add more regulations; and simply remove yourself from the herd.

The herd will always exist. But you can choose when you want to follow it. I like vanilla ice- cream the best. I know I’m following the herd; but still, I really like it! :grin:

@harley.333, I think we got your point that you don’t want government in your life, but the fact remains that many, if not most, people besides you turn to aggregate sites like RottenTomatoes and Metacritic to make their weekend choices for entertainment. If they can not keep themselves from being deceptive, then the government has the responsibility to regulate them in the interest of protecting the public and businesses, who are honestly trying to market their products to consumers.

WB/DC should just make better movies.



Rotten tomatoes has a bad way of rating movies in genearl

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@csidet1971: Others may be writing the reviews but RT uses those reviews to tabulate into a “score” so RT is not completely innocent in this, especially since an awful lot of people are basing where they are going to spend the entertainment money on that score.

@dnno1: Personally I don’t allow any aggregate site to decide how I spend my entertainment dollars because I feel such sites are just treating movie-goers as if they were idiots incapable of making a well thought out decision based on their own likes and dislike. People who do depend on the RT score when deciding what to see are not really choosing for themselves but are instead allowing someone else to choose for them.


The government definitely does not have a responsibility to ensure that you spend your luxury money wisely (and entertainment is a luxury). If it did, comics would have been outlawed in the 50’s, and so would video games in the 80’s.

In fact, the entirety of DC Entertainment wouldn’t exist if pencil-pushers were calling the shots.

I don’t need politicians wasting their time debating the legal definition of a “good” movie.

Rotten Tomatoes is great for people who use Rotten Tomatoes. However, despite previous replies implying otherwise, Rotten Tomatoes has not been proven to be effective at all in steering ticket sales. There have been claims of this, but no objective sources confirming. It sounds more like guerilla PR.

Warner owns 30% of Fandango, which owns Rotten Tomatoes. The thought that they would be intentionally tanking DC movies makes no sense on any level.

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Yes, there’s no clearer indication of bias than the way critics consistently slam DC movies for certain supposed faults, but give a pass to other franchises when they do the same things. We’ve all heard critics complaining about DC heroes killing bad guys, while Marvel heroes do it all the time and don’t get called out for it.

I could go on all day about inconsistent criticisms like that, but here’s just one more blatantly hypocritical criticism for instance: critics have attacked DC movies for supposedly not being colorful enough, while Marvel consistently gets praised for being colorful, even though the Captain America movies have an especially gray and desaturated look that’s far less vibrant than the colors we see in Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad, etc.


@harley.333, there were government hearings about comics back then, but the government didn’t. Step in because the industry decided to police itself. Yes, as long as it is on something legal the government need not get involved, but if there is deception in the marketplace, the government can and should.

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