Anyone as excited for the Christie Zullo statues & giveaway?

I try to enter all the contests just on principal, but the new Chrissie Zullo statue contest is awesome! Met her at SDCC five years ago and had her do a sketch in my daughter’s sketchbook! She was SO nice and helped make the con even better! When I saw the statues listed in the store, I showed my daughter and she is totally on board with getting them all!

What’s been your favorite give away so far?


I look at each give away and think, man that’s cool. This one is super cool. Brilliant idea for the DCU to do this.


And then they follow up with a whole SET giveaway??? :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Yes, def excited! I :heart: the variant statues too. I really like Chrissies style of art. I’m not sure if she has worked on a DC book. I’d definitely add it to my pull list if she was doing the art!