Anybody read the Golden and Silver Era comics?

Have read most: Batman (Golden Era)
Have read least: Superman (Golden Era)


I’ve read a little bit of the Wonder Woman book, Golden Age stuff


I grew up in the Bronze Age when DC reprinted a lot of Golden Age stories and Silver Age comics were still readily available. And I still enjoy reading GA and SA comics. Awhile back I read the entire original run of Doom Patrol.


Not sure of the purpose of this thread exactly, but I regardless feel like I should @SteveTrevor2.0


One of my favorite characters of all time comes from the silver age

I love the Sci-Fi-pulp-craziness of silver age Flash


I love silver age and golden age to a lesser extent but all star comics JSA is some of my favorate stories of all time.


I read Golden Age Comics.


I enjoy them, but just a little bit of Golden Age goes a long way.


I usually read both Superman & Batman classic golden age stories.
Least I’ve read are Wonder Woman, :shushing_face: Just don’t tell @Razzzcat, @Mae & @SteveTrevor2.0!


I have always loved the feel of Golden Age comics, they often have a dramatic intensity about them and Silver Age comics have a special charm all their own.

I do like some newer comics but more than not I find myself re-reading the older comics from these two Era’s.


I’d definitely recommend the first 12 issues of Superman stories in Action Comics, before the whole “super-villain” element is introduced. It’s a really fascinating look at a character archetype that still has power today.


I love Golden and Silver Age Wonder Woman.

I have all the current omnibuses, GA 1-5 and SA 1-2. Looking forward to GA 6 maybe in November.

I think I enjoy the absolute zany madcap atmosphere where anything can happen, and often does. Comics were new and they were trying any old thing to make sales. Continuity wasn’t really a thing and while stories might have some world building with Marston and Joye Hummel things went really off the rails when Kanigher hit his stride.

Need to read a copy of that book.

Try and find this kind of contortionism nowadays.

Sure, why not?

The bondage stuff is more hilarious than anything else. Did parents preview things their kids read? Do they now? Who knows?

What a delightful custom.

Typical Amazon hilarious hijinks.

Whoah. They actually published that.

I could go on. And if you think the Golden Age is wacky, wait until the Silver Age when Kanigher took Wonder Woman and ran.

Okay, first of all- this is awsome!

Yes. That makes perfect sense.

Yet another one-panel power.

I’ve read and re-read these stories several times. Love HG Peter’s ethereal art, love the nonsense stories, love Wonder Woman’s history.

Thanks for the tags @SuperBlueGrad and @Reaganfan78!


From the Flying Batcave, to The Fortress of Solitude, from The Cosmic Treadmill to the domed City of Atlantis I traveled through a world of wonder and excitement as a wide-eyed kid during the
Silver Age of DC Comics!
Oh, some pretty “fantastic” and “amazing” things were happening at that other company during those glorious days of pop culture pulse-pounding possibilities!