Anybody read “Justice” by alex ross?

The art was truly fantastic, some of the best in cb history, but the story and writing just felt unorganized, what do you guys think?

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I read it as it came out and greatly enjoyed it then. I don’t remember much about it now, except the cover to #2 really stood out to me and Batman’s George Barris Batmobile inspired battle armor design was genius.

I’d like to see the Justice series come here. It’d be a great choice for the Book Club too.

I literally just finished this 3 minutes ago. I was blown away! What an amazing story! Brainiac was freaking sinister!!! And the artwork was phenomenal! Never before was I feeling the gut wrenching moments so strongly, and it was Ross’ art that snared the emotional and “realness” of the moment. Amazing amazing book!

Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross’ art is astonishing in that book. That was a fun series.