Any word?

Any word on what’s leaving this service in March? As we are 3 days away.


I agree, hoping that the fact we haven’t heard anything means nothing is going. But hope to see a list of what (if anything) is coming and leaving next month.


@LifeNoob98, nothing is leaving the service in March. Currently we have three titles that were marked as “Second Chance” from the batch that left in early January, which are Checkmate, Red Robin, and Manhunter. Otherwise, we are only adding content, which we will be sharing soon (before March 1st).


Good to hear. I probably should take a look at those Red Robin comics to see what that is all about.

I am way behind on the developments of the DC Universe, since the early 2000s. I think I stopped collecting comics back in around 2007 or so. It is all that came after that I am trying to catch up on now.


So, I guess we’ll learn tomorrow, the last day of February…

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As @Applejack mentioned, nothing is being removed from the service tomorrow, aside from the content listed on the “Last Chance” thread.

Anything coming in March. That is 2 days away and while nothing leaving is GREAT news and Doom Patrol every week is obviously a plus as that show is awesome. Was hoping something else would arrive in March? Will there be no new movies/shows?