Any Poster Makers or Know Anyone Who Does?

Hello all hope this is correct thread for this if not I’m sure it will get moved to a better place.
I was playing Batman Arkham Knight and in the Studios or Clock tower I saw a Flying Grayson’s Family Circus poster vintage style. Now I really want to have a poster like that with it framed looked online and could not find. Can someone make one for me or point me in the right direction to acquire a poster like that. Thank you all

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I mean this one is sold online.


This is a good start. The one in game showed there faces and hand that old vintage color you know. I will most def be getting this :grin:

O where can one get this lol

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thank you

I’m a graphic designer so depending on the style of the one in the game I might be able to help you recreate that one too if you can provide me with a reference.

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I believe this is what he’s referring to-


There’s also this one, which I think looks cool

To get good quality scans, you’d probably need this book. I don’t know for sure these are in it, but its a safe bet. Only problem is this is out of print and pricey.


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Yes that is the one ! Thank you and if the Zatanna one would be made I would die! From heart exploding :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I will post another one I found

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I have been at work reason for delay in response. Love the profile pic u have

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