Any comic suggestions?

I’ve never really read comics before, and I’m trying to get into it. Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I’m 13 if that matters.

Once they have added the whole series, you could read The Death of Superman. I always enjoyed that one. You could also look for Miller’s famous Batman arcs.

Super Sons is a great new series that follows Damian Wayne (The newest Robin and Batman’s son) and Superman’s son. Robin is 13 and Superman’s son is like 10. The series is not on the DC Universe right now but you should still get it digitally from Comixology or when DC Universe gets their online comic store up. They ended Super Sons a few months ago and started a new 12 issue series called “The Adventures of Super Sons”.

Though for some proper reccomendations you should tell us what characters you like or are interested in.

I’m interested in anything Batman related really.