Animated Kingdom Come Film

Not sure how many people would have an interest in this, but Kingdom Come would make a GREAT animated movie! Especially if it was adapted in the way Dark Knight Returns and Death of Superman have been adapted, with a two part film. Kingdom Come is my favorite comic book story of all time. It definitely deserves the animated treatment! It would absolutely ROCK to see the story come to life!


Yes plz

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I would definitely watch! The art of Alex Ross deserves a a higher quality of animation than we’ve seen so far from DCA. That isnt a knock against their animated stuff, it’s just praise for an amazing artist.


@TX85 Yes, I stole your previous profile image, good ideas are good ideas:)

You’re absolutely right, Kingdom Come is almost ready made for tv. They wouldn’t have much to do, as u pointed out. I agree it would work easily in the style of death of Superman. I watched death of Superman knowing what was going to happen and it was still awesome. Kingdom Come would/could easily be the same way.

It’d have to be CGI, animated in a style replicating Alex Ross’s art. I don’t think anything other animation style would be worthy.