Animated JL and JLU

To start, I think the DCAU is the best representation of any comic book universe and these criticisms don’t diminish that. I’ve been binging Justice League and with a lot of great shows, binging reveals the flaws and repetition that I think we don’t focus on with time between episodes and seasons.
I either forgot or never realized how much they weakened and dumbed down the League across the seasons. A minimum of once per episode they turn their backs to the bad guy, watch a telegraphed hit come at their face, don’t use their powers (like Flash watching people get away) and attack one at a time. Yes, some is learning curve and becoming a team and that’s addressed in an episode but it’s more like manufactured drama because if the team operated at full potential the episodes would be about 5 minutes long. I know it’s just how these things work but binging really exposed it.
Also, Superman gets electrocuted approximately 100x per episode. They should have given him rubber gloves.

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When that show started, and establshed box-office-draw Batman as one of the most heavily-involved members, that immediately meant things were getting to get implausible during fight scenes. I agree with the idea that that many heroes should demand an hour to tell the story, but they never quite pulled off the two-part format for my tastes.
I assume they did not extend the script due dates for them to paintstakingly figure out the physics of each brawl - who can do what at what speed, and what that means for every other character