An Ode to DC Universe Classic - What To Do When Things Change?

Hello, there.

I hope wherever you are in the world, you are having a safe and fulfilling holiday.

I’m writing this primarily for those who aren’t planning on activating new subscriptions and will leave sometime before January 21st, when DCU Infinite launches (hilariously enough, following Inauguration Day).

I am not one of those people, but if you are and you’re reading this, I understand. 2020 has been, among other things, a year of vicious change. I am going to miss this quirky little platform almost as much as you are (what is now being referred to as DC Universe Classic).

But I’d like to toss in an anecdotal aside that may help explain how we feel.

Some time ago, in anticipation of of DC Universe Classic’s final days, I put on an episode of 2003 Teen Titans. Fittingly enough, it was the last episode of Teen Titans and perhaps one of the most controversial episodes of the entire series: "Things Change"

Directed by Michael Chang and written by Amy Wolfram, both longtime staples of the show’s creative hivemind, “Things Change” isn’t actually meant to be the finale to the show. That honor goes to the TV film Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo. But it does give both the characters and the audience member a complex, poignant quandry to chew on for the OG toon crew’s last half-hour of television.

Simply put: after spending all of Season 5 on a globetrotting quest to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil, the Teen Titans come back to a Jump City that has changed dramatically since they left. And during a fight with an unidentified monster, Beast Boy sees something he never expects to see: Terra, very much alive and now a high-school student.

But here’s the problem for Beast Boy: she looks like Terra, talks like her, and likely is the real deal (as he finds that Terra’s mummified resting place under Jump City is now vacant). But as she constantly reminds him: she has no memory of being a Teen Titan, or that she ever had powers. Beast Boy’s refusal to accept this is what drives his insistence on her remembering (and his investigation into how she came back) through much of the episode, while the rest of the team chase down the monster terrorizing Jump City.

We are never given a straight answer on whether or not that really is her (a unique storytelling trick in animation that still frustrates fans to this day). But whatever your theory is for this new Terra is ultimately not the concern.

In the closing minutes of the episode, Beast Boy, in a brazen act of desperation, tries one last time to jog human!Terra’s memory. Something, anything that could bring his Terra back to him and by extension, restoring at least part of what he remembers of ‘the good ole days’.

It’s here that human!Terra utters the namesake of the episode and explains it to him plainly: “The girl you want me to be is just a memory. You go. You’re the Teen Titan. That’s who you are. That’s not me, I’m not a hero. I’m not out to save the world. I’m just a girl with a geometry test next period, and I haven’t studied

Though painful, he accepts this truth, and runs off to join his team on adventures we’ll never see: “Beast Boy to Robin, I’m on my way. Over.

Remember when I mentioned that this episode was controversial? From what I gather, hardcore fans of 2003 TT hate this episode, for a variety of different reasons. But what I find more fascinating is their blatant disregard for the episode’s central message. It’s all over the place, even spelled out early when the Teen Titans find their old haunts being closed or torn down. Things Change. No matter what we do, no matter how hard we might try, change is inevitable. But recognizing it is part of growing up, and we have to do it if we want to be happy (or at least, stay sane).

This was the lesson Beast Boy learned. Even a robot Slade said as much. In his trying so hard to bring back the past, he was hurting her. More aptly, he was standing in the way of what was potentially a shot at normality, away from the chaos and drama of being a superhero or supervillain. He had to learn this, or he’d never move forward.

It’s…fitting that hardcore fans would balk at this, and spend the next 15 years looking for any sign of a season six, viewing the episode’s intentional ambiguity as plot holes and cliffhangers (their opinion, not mine). They still hope that someone will ‘get the band back together’ and chase the magic of 2003-2006, and will likely insist for the rest of their lives that Teen Titans Go somehow stood in the way of that (that’s a discussion for later).

Now, what does all of this have to do with DCU Classic and DCU Infinite? Well, it goes back to what I’ve said: things change. Nobody says you have to like it, or even accept it. But (and there’s no good way of saying this): We just have to fully recognize that DCU Classic will be gone next year.


There are two things you can do, in keeping with the spirit of the holidays: talk about DCU Classic. Talk about how weird and cool and fun it was. The ups and downs, the flaws and moments of greatness. The inclusive ‘Clubhouse’ atmosphere. Talk about all of it with fans who remember AND fans who might only know DCU Infinite. Hold those memories close and tight. They’re good ones.

That’s the first one. The second? Be smart enough to know when it’s time to move on. Do I wish that DCU Classic stayed around? Yes. Madly so, even now. But to fight what’s coming would be to turn into the knobs on social media that bashed DC Universe for all of its existence, and do what hardcore fans of TT 2003 did: weaponize their memories of something good to try and take down something that will have fans of its own.

That’s NOT what I want to do in life, and you shouldn’t either.

If you feel things have changed too much and you must leave, by all means. I get it. I really do. But before you do, I implore you to be the Beast Boy in that scenario. Cherish your memories, you will need them in hard times like these. But also have the strength to move forward. That goes even for the folks staying.

In closing: one trait that DC is known for is legacy. Ask yourself: how would you want DCU Classic to be remembered?

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and here’s to a better New Year.

I love ya’ll.

To survival :clinking_glasses: :beers:


A beautifully written and well thought out message that I 100% agree with. The way you’ve managed to both addeess the fears of DC Universe Classic’s end as well as the continuing cry against that episode is honestly incredible. This is so well written and I appreciate you putting it out there for us!!! Here’s to a bright future fueled by a bit of change on Infinite.

I’ll also take this thread as a chance to say thank you to those of you who won’t be following us on the change over. The DC Universe forums were an imperfect but incredibly special place where i really got to connect with comic fans lime i never had before. It also made me proud to be a DC fan. Because despite how toxic most fandoms get, i really bever felt or saw that here. The second it tried to weasel its way in, we all shut it down. To every single one of you that shared this platform with me, thank you for making it such an incredible. Thank you for sharing your passions and challenging my thoughts. I truly do respect every single person I interacted with on this platform. And, of course, thank you to all of the mods that helped facilitate all of this. Don’t think all of the work you put in went unnoticed or unappreciated. Happy holidays everyone!!!


What i liked
About DC Universe Classic
Was the equality

Maybe 5% of the time
There would be a topic
In Community
That talked about
A comic book tv show or movie
That was not in DCU

But overwhelming
We had access
to the same material
Provided by the site

Our book clubs
Only covered the books
In our library

Our Watch A Longs
Only used
The videos in our
Movie and TV Library

Wonder Woman 84
Premieres on HBO Max
In this
Recession and Pandemic
Many fans won’t be able
To afford watching it.

Those who watched
On big TV screens
Cant anymore
With the loss
Of Roku and Amazon.

Much of our
Video and TV library
Is gone.

Some of it won’t
Be available anywhere.

People left in anger
Felt betrayed.

Our Community
Won’t be the same
Without them.

Some will check in occasionally
Since the Community
Is Free for all

Justice League Dark
Apokolips War
Came in
That was our peak
With Harley Quinn
And Stargirl just finishing
As well

It was not so long ago

Thanks to everybody
Who was ever part of this
You made this site great.

Often when
I was oh so lonely
You made me laugh
Or kept me informed
Or gave me a topic
To research
Or a prompt to write

You kept me going

Thank you all

Happy Holidays


Beautifully written, @BCDC. And a hard lesson learned many times in life. I am grateful we will still have the community and each other to remember the Classic times with :slight_smile: