An Interesting Twists for Robins Origin in Harley Quinn Next Season

An interesting twist to start season three would be to have Catwoman(out of cowl for the first time) married to batman, making this an Earth 2 series. We learn this by having her say and say: Bat; we are having another one. Revealing that Damian is the result of BatCat and not DemonBat.
Hopefully, we have Nightwing meet up with Barbara. Barbara shares an apartment with Ivyquinn and takes over the catwomen role in the Gotham City Sirens…or have them form the birds of prey.

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Personally I’m hoping for less involvement from the Bats, not more. This season deserves to focus on Harley and Ivy’s relationship.



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No thanx. The show is about Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and the Crew—not Batman, Catwoman, Nightwing or Batgirl.


I forgot to mention the idea for this is as a side story to the main story as there is generally one batman story in each season of HQ. However, Babs angle is an interesting one to me as she has become a friend To Harley, and Nightwing is Babs’s major love interest since post zero hour New Earth, so if this is a romance heavy season I just want to see that spread around.

This is the part that really bugs me. To what I can tell there is no Quinn on Earth 2, and it completely clashes with the tone of Earth 2. However this is the exact same parentage Damian has on “Batman: The Brave and the Bold,” so why is it not described as a homage to that show instead of the JSA comics?

If this is Earth 2 why was the Justice League there, and where were Alan Scott and Dr. Fate? They would have clobbered Queen of Fables. Why is Bruce Wayne not the Police Commissioner? Why is Superman so young? Why are Barry/Wally and John there? Why is Rose Thorne not there? She would probably be very close to Poison Ivy.

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Poor wording chose, however your thinking Earth Two, Earth 2 is the new 52 version of Earth two, its much darker then earth two. by earth 2 I am more referencing the fact that Selina and Bruce of golden age get hitched in earth two/2’s, then the actual events of earth two.

You know that Damian is already at least 12 and active as Robin on the show, right?

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You know Batman and Catwoman have known each other since Batman: Year One right? Year zero does not cancel that book out in general cannon. so batman has known Selina longer than he has Talia. it would make bruce about 38 Selina about 37(Catwoman in my mind cannon is a year younger than batman…because her publication history is a year younger than batman.)

No, Damian is 12 in the comics, however, he is about ten when he gets his start as Robin around or eleven.
Like Gotham and Under the Moon: A Catwoman tale, Selina and Bruce could have known each other since childhood, and they had a moment without protection before batman went off to train at 18. Bruce has been Batman for 20 years in this…maybe its kinda hard to say depending on if the queen of fables really was imprisoned in the tax code for 20 years.

or Damian is a result of DemonBat, and Catwoman is pregnant for the first time. I just am not a fan of Talia.

I feel like we’re on different pages here. I’m not opposed to a new timeline in general where Selina is Damian’s mother instead of Talia, but the show has already kept his comic origins, so it couldn’t work here

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Went and watched the episode. ya, unfortunately, it is established that Damian is Talia’s via his comments so let’s remove the idea of robin being Batman and Catwomen bio son. However, still would like Helena Wayne showing up as a baby at the end of the next season…and it would be kinda fun if Kull (wonder woman and batman’s daughter) shows up due to Ivy’s pheromones.
it would also allow Catwoman to go after Ivy and or doc Pscyco in anger.