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I often see questions about what to read on the service. Currently, there’s only four DC books in main continuity which I don’t have on my pull list. So, I thought it might be nice to start a thread about the new books that drop on the service every week, so people who may have had to cut back spending at the shop can read the runs which are a year back. I’ll start by suggesting Robert Venditti’s Hawkman. Issue 20 just dropped at shops last week, and I’m not quite sure how many issues are on DCU, but Venditti, does a very good job of solving Hawkman’s convoluted history and cannon in one sentence. Carter Hall reincarnates through both time and space. So it’s now perfectly understandable how he has been both an Egyptian prince, and a Kryptonian cop. There’s also a reason WHY he reincarnates throughout the centuries which I won’t give away for those who may be interested. For those who are interested, I believe the run started in June of 2018, so look for Hawkman 2018 when searching through the comics. Please feel free to add any other suggestions as I’m sure there are those who would like to read some more current runs of titles, but may be a bit out of the loop with what’s recent​:four_leaf_clover:

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New Members should know

‘New Comics’ iin thr Library a year after published

@Nathan.Payson has published a schedule at link

Watchtower lists what came into the library each week.with links like

Library also does not include
Vertigo or other DC brands like Black Label

Stories that started out as Graphic Novels or forms other than as single issues in a title like Killing Joke and Earth 1 series

A few titles that do very well in Trade editions like

Mr Miracle
Batman White Knight

Real Current Comics that I like a lot.

Agree on Hawkman 2018

Others to look for

Justice League Dark 2018 but Tynion Leaving Soon to Batman

Justice League Odyssey but only from issue 6 on when Dan Abnett begins. These issues not yet in library

Wonder Comics

Youmg Justice
Dial. H for Heroes
Wonder Twins

Not yet in library

Lois Lane
Jimmy Olson
Batman with Tynion
JLA will soon have Hawkman writer

To find really currnt DC comics use

DC Comics This Week Link

Freedom Fighters mini ends this week

Can also see last week and new week links in this link for planning excursions to.Local Comic Book Store or buy digitally at Comoxilology.

Comixology Unlimited has a large selection of Vertigo comics you can borrow at no additional cost for a monthly fee. New Comucs ate 15% oft. Older single issue may only be 1.98. Depending on how many current comics you buy discount may exceed monthly fee so it is really os 'free. In a sense.


Comics come out 1 year after release. So Hawkman #1-7 are out now! [New to DCU] Book Club will be reading #1-6 in two weeks!


I’ve been reading all the Metal spin-offs lately. Silencer & Terrifics were my favorites, but also enjoyed the following in that world; @SouthPark suggested Sideways to me. Just started & I love it. Curse of Brimstone, Damaged, Unexpected, Immortal Men & The New Challengers. I should mention all are cancelled except Silencer & Terrifics. However, if u liked Metal, imho these are worth reading it’s like a sneak peek @ the events & fall out during & after Metal. Also, like @TurokSonOfStone1950, agree on Hawkman that @jgjusmc suggested.


I just started terrifics and it’s really good! Tomorrow is a snow day so I plan on reading as much as possible with the kids since we read everything together.

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I have The Terrifics on me pull list. It’s great. Lemire has since left the title, but I’ve found it’s still very enjoyable in all its quirkiness​:four_leaf_clover:

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Yeah, when those books end up on the service, I concur with your recommendations. They’re all on me pull list, and Lois Lane is great, and yes indeed, Dial H is also amazing. In fact to tie that in with Young Justice, it looks like Miguel, Dial H’s protagonist may be joining up with the group. Naomi also appears to be joining YJ, and her solo mini series should be coming to the service soon, if a few aren’t already on here. I apologize to everyone on this thread if I’m not up to speed on many of the new release titles’ arrivals, I literally pull everything from DC Universe tabbed books but like four, so I tend to read books in the service a bit before my time, or I missed out on in the USMC. So basically my recommendations are based on titles I’m up to date on through me shop, but thought I might bring up here for when they arrive, but anyone and everyone, please feel free to drop any suggestions. Another title to look out for in the next few months is Batman And The Outsiders; issue 9 released last week, so the first issue should be here in the next couple of months. If anyone is interested, read the Detective arc, On The Outside, before BATO starts appearing on the service, as it is a lead in to the series. The Detective issues are 983-87. They have the original numbering, but appear in the Rebirth era​:four_leaf_clover:

1/28: Naomi #1 drops on the service. I enjoyed the first 6 issues in print, and I know there are more plans for the character as she now seems to be with Young Justice. The story is a mystery of who she is and where she comes from, and the art is top notch. Get in in the ground floor with a new DC hero who seems destined for a big future​:four_leaf_clover: